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The War on Christmas

April 27, 2007

Demonizing Christmas....Has Anything Changed?

Demonizing Christmas….Has Anything Changed?

I wrote this post at this time last year, and I am curious my gentle readers…has anything changed? My friend Francis Porretto, whose blood pressure rises at the mention of the subject, doesn’t seem to think so. The inimitable Ann Althouse points to war on Christmas Chinese style. Meanwhile, see for yourselves…

This is an outrage.

Let me say this out loud and clear: “I am a devout Christian”, and whilst I am at it let me proclaim that “I am fiercely pro-Israel”. So there you have it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it you rabid anti-Semites, you fanatical Islamofascists, and you militant Jew hating Holocaust deniers.

Now we have that out of the way, we can continue… 

“…Attacks on Christmas dominate today’s headlines – judges banning nativity scenes, retailers renaming Christmas trees “Holiday trees,” schools forbidding children from singing Christmas carols and even banning the colors red and green!

It almost sounds funny, but only if you’re not aware of the powerful, malevolent currents beneath the “grinch-who-stole-Christmas” stories. As WND’s monthly Whistleblower reveals in its spine-straightening December issue, a lot more than Christmas is at stake – Christianity itself is being undermined and attacked with increasing frequency and venom.

In the book “Criminalizing Christianity”, Whistleblower reveals the length, width and breadth of attacks on Christianity – those happening now, and those just around the corner – and not just in Communist and Islamic nations where religious persecution is rampant, but right here in the U.S.

“This has become more than a seasonal witch hunt by the ACLU,” said WND Editor and founder Joseph Farah. “The attacks on Christianity in America are alarming. We are witnessing more than religious bigotry now. We are entering the early stages of what could become persecution and outright criminalization of Christianity if it is not exposed and fought vigorously by all freedom-loving people.”
Perhaps the most stunning revelation in this issue of Whistleblower is the extent of the attacks on Christianity in the U.S.

“It’s chillling,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “Our nation’s founding religion is being attacked as never before. The Constitution is being twisted out of all recognition, history is being rewritten, and Christian teachings and observances are being shut out and shut up. And while we sit around watching this helplessly, we’re bequeathing a different America to our children. It’s time for people to wake up.”

Now, the December edition of Whistleblower gives Americans the information they need, not only to understand the problem, but to effectively fight back.

RightMarch asks: “…So what exactly is going on? As Bill O’Reilly noted on FoxNews, “There is an anti-Christian bias in this country, and it is more on display at Christmas season than any other time.” It’s the same attitude toward Christianity as that held by Michael Newdow, who wants to ban “In God We Trust” from our currency and “under God” from our Pledge of Allegiance.

There IS a War On Christmas. Take a look at a few of the most blatant examples:

  • In a press release this week, “Beyond Belief Media has formally declared war on Christmas, the December 25 holiday in which Christians celebrate the birth of the mythical figure Jesus Christ, the company announced… As its opening salvo, Beyond Belief Media has purchased advertisements this week in the New York Times, USA Today and the New Yorker magazine…” BBM president Brian Flemming stated, “Wherever the mythical figure Jesus is celebrated as if he were real, we… will undercut the idea that there is any point at all to celebrating the ‘birth’ of a character in a fairy tale.”
  • The CEO of Target stores has decided to continue to ban Salvation Army bell ringers from their 1,272 stores nationwide, costing that charity an estimated $9 million (10% of their funds raised during Christmas). Two years ago, the homosexual journal the “Washington (DC) Blade” wrote that “Gay rights groups continue to target the Salvation Army’s red kettles, hoping to persuade the Christian charity organization to end its anti-gay policies”; Target has apparently submitted to their demands, also banning the mention of Christmas by employees and in its broadcast and print ads, and banning the use of “Merry Christmas” from their in-store promotions. Meanwhile, Target CEO Robert Ulrich took a bonus of $31.8 million dollars from his personal stock options last year, right before the announcement banning the Salvation Army’s red kettles.
  • The Rutherford Institute, a Christian law firm defending First Amendment rights, received a phone call from a Michigan parent whose daughter, a second grader, was told that she couldn’t mention Jesus Christ or God during the upcoming Christmas season because it might offend someone.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union is again filing dozens of lawsuits nationwide to have all Christmas displays removed from government property (for violating the so-called “separation of church and state”), even if the public displays are strictly from private citizens or groups.
  • Sears/Kmart has apparently banned the use of “Christmas” — Bill O’Reilly noted that they “would not answer our questions. Spokesman Chris Braithwaite simply ducked the issue. Their website banners: ‘Wish Book Holiday 2005.’ They were the worst we had to deal with.”
  • The South Orange/Maplewood School District in New Jersey declared last year that school bands will be limited to songs such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman,” because the district’s policy banning Christmas songs with religious references actually prohibit the performance of INSTRUMENTAL songs that don’t even HAVE lyrics!
  • In yet another New Jersey elementary school, a class trip to see the Broadway play “A Christmas Carol” was cancelled under threat of a lawsuit.
  • In Palm Beach County Schools in Florida teachers were warned not to allow any Christmas decorations to be displayed.
  • Across the country children have been barred from giving out Christmas cards and some banned from using the greeting, “Merry Christmas”.
  • An Oklahoma Superintendent ordered the students and faculty at Lakehoma Elementary School to remove the nativity scene and not sing “Silent Night” at last year’s “holiday” play.
  • In a Plano, TX school parents were prohibited from using red and green plates and napkins and could only bring white decorations for “winter” parties.

What’s going on here? The flagrant attempt to remove Christ from Christmas would never be permitted if applied to the holy days of any other religion. So much for religious “tolerance.” No wonder a new poll from the Anti-Defamation League found that 64% of the American people believe that religion is “under attack” — IT IS.

What about Santa Claus? The old fellow may have become the very symbol of consumerist culture and Hollywood sentimentality in recent decades, but it’s hard to ignore the religious element, as in St. Nicholas, in his origins.

To Christians, Christmas lights themselves radiate the religious symbolism of Christ as “light of the world.” Why should they be allowed on government property? And what about the “Peace on Earth” sign affixed to city halls across America? That’s plucked from the New Testament.

Come to think of it, Dec. 25 is a paid holiday for hundreds of thousands of government workers — yet this practice offends some people, too. They think the courts should outlaw any designation of Christmas as a government holiday. Their arguments have not yet won the day — the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected one such lawsuit in 2000, for example — but the agitation doubtlessly will continue.

As noted in an editorial last year by the Rocky Mountain news, “The First Amendment’s ban on the establishment of religion is a critical safeguard of liberty, but there is a point at which attempts to sweep anything associated with religious faith from the public sphere become offensive, punitive and indeed absurd. At their extreme, they are the equivalent of writing America’s history without describing the religious motives of some of its protagonists.”

But even our President is trying to be politically correct. The White House Christmas cards greetings this year, as every year since The President took office read: “Happy Holiday Season”. Many are offended but if the truth be known I would like to receive a card from The White House no matter what it said.

This fascination with The White House goes back to the time when I became a staunch Democrat for a day at the tender age of six, falling in love with the handsome President Jack Kennedy, watching him give a speech in a TV documentary: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” Heh.

Never say pressure does not work, and never delude yourself the problem did not and does not exist. But as usual  “money talks bullshit walks”, as our leftie bloggers remind us constantly, and the retailers are the first to cave in. 

Daily Kos last Christmas, giving the uber Bolshevik’s perspective including quoting prolific pearls of wisdom on the subject of Judaism, calling Jews “scum”, which by definition excludes him from conversation with grown ups. See what happens when you link to limited minds, your view starts leaning like the Tower of Pizza. Democratic, my proverbial behind. Lovely Kos, there is a little bit of the token English language you understand, give him another vote why don’t you….

So I ask again…a year later, has anything changed? Apparently not.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah everybody! And remember generosity of spirit goes a long way at this time of the year, so reach out and touch somebody’s heart. That’s what Christmas is all about. God Bless you and keep you.

From my friend David Needham @ TWC:

When you gather Christmas Eve beneath the Natal Star,
Make sure the greatest blessing is held within your heart.
For the birth we celebrate with tinsel, lights and joy
Was more than just the birth of one small Jewish boy.

A collection of great quotes on evolution by the brainy blonde bombshell

April 26, 2007

Just to clean the palate of a century of evolutionists’ browbeating everyone into saying evolution is a FACT and we’ll see you in court if you criticize the official state religion, we begin with a story from the late Colin Patterson, respected paleontologist at the Natural History Museum in London. Like Diogenes searching for one honest man, Patterson was on a quest to find someone who could tell him-as he put it-“anything you know about evolution, any one thing, any one thing that you think is true”. Patterson said,”I tried that question on the geology staff at the field museum of natural history, and the only answer I got was silence. I tried it on the members of the Evolutionary Morphology Seminar in the University of Chicago, a very prestigious body of evolutionists, and all I got there was silence for a long time”.

Liberals’ Creation Myth is Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Which is about one notch above Scientology in Scientific rigor. It’s a make believe story based on a theory that is tautology, with no proof in the Scientists laboratory or in the fossil record-and thats after 150 years of very determined looking. We wouldnt still be talking about it butfor the fact that liberals think evolution disproves God.

Even if evolution were true, it wouldnt disprove God. God has performed more spectacular feats then evolution. Its not even a daunting challenge to a belief in God. If you want something that complicates your belief in God, try coming to terms with Micheal Moore being one of God’s special creatures.

Although believers in God don’t need evolution to be false, athiests need evolution to be true. William provine, an evolutionary biologist at cornell university, calls Darwinisim the greatest engine of atheisim devised by man. His fellow Darwin disiple, Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins, famously said,”Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” This is why there is mass panic on the left whenever someone mentions the vast and accumulating evidence against evolution.

The ACLU sued a school district in Cobb County, Georgia , mearly for putting stickers in niology textbooks that urged students to study evolution “with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.” According to the ACLU, an open mind violates the “seperation of church and state,” which appears in the constitution just after the abortion and sodomy clauses. In Lebec, California, parents represented by Americans United for Seperation of Church and State sued to prevent the school from even offering an elective philosophy class on intelligent design, creationism, and evolution. In Dover, Pennsylvania, a small group of parents backed by the ACLU and AUSCSsued to prevent any discussion of intelligent design in a 9th grade biology class. The judge ruled in their favor and ordered the school to pay the plantiffs legal fees, which will probably exceed $1 million dollars.

So that’s that. After Dover, no school district will dare breath a word about “intelligent design”, unless they want to risk being bankrupted by ACLU lawsuits. The Darwinists have saved the secular sanctity of there temples: the public schools. They didnt win on science,persuasion, or the evidence. They won the way liberals always win: by finding a court to hand them everything they want on a silver platter.

This isn’t science , its treating doubts about evolution as religious heresy. Darwinisim, as philosopher and mathematician David Berlinski says, is “the last of the great 19th century mystery religions.” The only reason a lot of Christians reject evolution is that we are taught to abjure big fat lies. You can look it up-we have an entire commandment about the importance of not lying.

Not suprisingly, the Darwiniacs, as author and collumnist Joe Sobran calls them, would aparently prefer to discuss anything but evolution, since they are always pretending evolution means something utterly uncontroversial, like “change over time” is like discribing abortion as “choice.” Aren’t we all for “choice”? Don’t animals change over time? The boring point that organisims “change over time” is not what the Darwiniacs are teaching school children, and thats not what the fuss is about.

Darwins theory of evolution says life on earth began with single celled life forms, which evolved into multi celled life forms, which over countless eons evolved into higher lifeforms, including man, all as the result of the chance process of random mutation followed by natural selection, without guidence or assistence from any intelligent entity like God or the department of agriculture. Which is to say, evolution is the eminently plausable theory that the human eye, the complete works of Shakespere, and Ronald Reagan (among other things) all came into existence by pure accident.

Evolution is not selective breeding, which produces thoroughbred horses, pedigreed dogs, colored cotton, and so on. Evolution is not the capacity of bactiria to develop antibiotic resistance, but which never evolves into anything but more bacteria. Evolution is not the phenomenon of an existing species changeing over the course of many years-for example, of a frenchmen becoming shorter during the Napoleonic era or Asians becoming taller after immagrating to North America. In fact evolution is not adaptive characteristics developing within a species at all. Darwins theory says we get a new species, not a taller version of the same species. Evolutionists call such adaptations “microevolution” only to confuse people. This would be like the flat earth society referring to the Sahara Desert as a “micro-flat earth”, as if they are halfway to proving there theory. Well, its flat isn’t it?

What the theory of evolution posits is an accidental, law-of-the-jungle, survival-of-the-fittest mechanisim for creating new species-as indicated in the title of Darwins book,”The Origin of Species”. Leave aside the thornier issues, like how the accidental process that gave us opposeable thumbs could produce a moral sense and consciousness of mortality. Lets consider just the basic steps of evolution.

1.Random mutation of desirable attributes(highly implausable)

2.Natural selection weeding out the “less fot” animals (pointless tautology)

3.leading to the creation of new species (No evidence after 150 years of searching)

Atheists and Liberals – Nuts in the crosshairs

April 26, 2007


Nuts in the crosshairs

Posted: April 25, 2007
5:42 p.m. Eastern

For cranky right-wingers who think politicians don’t listen to them, this week I give you elected Democrats running like scared schoolgirls from the media’s demand that they enact new gun control laws in response to the Virginia Tech shooting.

Instead, Democrats are promoting a mental health exception to the right to bear arms. We’ve banned mass murder and that hasn’t seemed to work. So now we’re going to ban mass murderers. Yes, that will do the trick!

This is a feel-good measure that is both wildly under-inclusive (the vast majority of nutcases receive no formal court adjudication of their nuttiness) and wildly over-inclusive (the vast majority of nuts don’t kill people). The worst thing most nuts do is irritate everybody else by driving their electric cars on the highway.  

As lovely as it would be, we cannot identify mass murderers before they have broken any law, and mass murder is often the first serious crime they commit. No one can be locked up permanently for being potentially dangerous.

Even stalking laws can put away a person known to be dangerous for only a few years – at best – which is generally not worth spending a day sitting in court, facing your stalker and then waiting a month for the court order.

So on one hand, the mental health exception is a feel-good measure that would be largely pointless. But on the other hand, it’s no skin off my back. Liberals go to therapy. Conservatives go to church. And I think we’d all sleep better knowing that David Brock could not buy a gun.

In fact, I think we should expand the mental illness exception to cover First Amendment rights as well as Second Amendment rights.

I note that before mass murder, the only harassment the Virginia Tech killer was guilty of involved speech: creepy e-mails, creepy short stories, creepy phone calls. Stalkers, too, engage in frightening speech – but that is protected. Revealing a stalking victim’s address is “speech” but is little different from being the one to pull the trigger.

This small measure would have taken Dan “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth” Rather off the airwaves years ago, preventing him from presenting doctored National Guard documents to the American people to try to throw a presidential election. A mental illness bar would deal a quick blow to Air America and both its remaining listeners. It would also free up about 90 percent of the Internet.

And it would end the public lunacy of Jim Wallis, the Democrats’ Christian. Wallis’ first remark on the massacre at Virginia Tech last week was to hail the remarkable “diversity” of the victims. True, Cho murdered 32 people in cold blood. But at least he achieved diversity!

Anyone who thinks a single-minded fixation on diversity must be the ultimate goal of every human endeavor, including mass murder, is not the sort of person who should be able to buy a gun or to publish his daft ruminations in public forums.

But just to get this straight: Democrats are saying we should be able to jail “strange” or “angry” people, but we can’t deplane imams who demand extra-length seatbelts after boarding?

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed the public expressions of shame and contrition from the Korean-American community after the Virginia Tech shooting? Of course, no one blames this exemplary community for the actions of one nut. The Koreans are manifestly law-abiding and decent – nipping at the heels of Italians as the greatest Americans and tied for second with the Cubans.

Indeed, I believe this marks the first time a Korean has killed anyone in the United States, not involving an automobile. Nonetheless, Korean congregations, community groups and the family members themselves are issuing statements of sorrow. Not “pleas for tolerance.” But sorrow. Remorse. Remember those? They were big back in the day.

If the Koreans can do it, why can’t the Muslims? What explains the lack of a Muslim guilt impulse – so normal, as seen in the case of the saddened Koreans – after dozens of terrorist attacks on Americans?

How about a Muslim exception to the Second Amendment? That would have prevented the Virginia snipers from killing 10 people within three weeks in 2002. But most important: It would help us achieve “diversity” in our gun law prohibitions.

Status of the Atheist Chinese Government and it’s suffering people

April 25, 2007

Some rather disturbing news on the state of freedom (or lack of) in Godless China.This is the news that the liberal media doesn’t want you to see.These peaceful, freedom loving Atheists never cease to amaze me.

61 Christian Women Forced to Have Abortions in China

Posted by chinaview on April 21st, 2007

According to China Aid Association (CAA), a massive forced abortion campaign is ongoing in China’s Guangxi Province targeting Christian pregnant women. It’s reported that 61 Christian women were forced to have abortions in 2 days on April 17 and 18. Here’s China Aid Association’s reports.

41 forced abortion on April 17:

Midland, Texas (April 17, 2007)- CAA has learned that a massive forced abortion campaign is ongoing in China’s Guangxi Province(Autonomous Region).

One Christian lady, Ms. Linrong Wei, 7 months preganent, was dragged into the hospital from her home on April 17 at 8:45 AM (Beijing time) by 10 officials from the Population and Family Planning Commsssion in Baise City, Guangxi. Her husband Yage “James” Liang was formerly a pastor in the government-sanctioned TSPM church before he became a House church pastor a year ago.

According to eyewitnesses’ reports to CAA, 40 other preganant women was forcefully moved to the Youjiang District People’s Hospital of Baise City on the same day to perform forced abortion.

Eyewitnesses told CAA that pastor Liang’s wife was pregenant accidentally and they wanted to keep this baby because of Christian principles. Ms. Wei was injected with medicine to induce birth at 11 AM on April 17. Ms. Wei’s hospital bed number is No. 39.

Eyewitnesses report that another woman, 9 months preganent, on bed number 38 was also injected at 12 PM.

One Church leader in that area who has visited Ms. Wei told CAA that these so-called ‘illegal pregnant women” were treated so bad that they were just forced to lay down on the very simple beds in the hospital corridor before the injections were done.

The family planning officials told relatives of the women that their babies will be born and most likely die within 24 hours.


20 more forced abortion on April 18:

Midland, Texas (April 18, 2007)- The Massive forced abortion campaign continues in Guangxi province. After 41 women were forced to have abortions on April 17, CAA has learned that the Youjiang District People’s Hospital of Baise City performed forced abortions for at least 20 more pregnant women on April 18.

Eyewitnesses report to CAA that at around 5:00pm on April 18, more than 20 more pregnant women were transported into the same hospital by the Family Planning officials. Within 30 minutes, about 10 of them were injected forcefully for an abortion.

This means within last 24 hours, at least 61 babies were killed with forced abortions.

At Bed number 37, Ms. He Caigan was 9 months pregnant. Officials injected her baby’s head and 20 minutes later, her baby stopped moving and died.

About 6am on April 18(BJ time), pastor James Liang’s wife Ms Wei Linrong gave birth to a boy, but he was dead because of the injection. She received three doses of injection-one is to induce the birth and the other two to kill the baby in the womb.

After China Aid reported the forced abortion, many PSB were seen surrounding the section of the hospital where these women are held.


Canada Condemns China for Jailing Canadian-Uyghur For Life

Posted by chinaview on April 21st, 2007

Reuters, April 19, 2007-

OTTAWA, April 19 (Reuters) – Canada condemned China for jailing a Canadian citizen for life on Thursday and said it was concerned about allegations the man might have been tortured while in prison.

Huseyin (also referred to as Huseyincan) Celil, an ethnic Uighur activist, was imprisoned on charges of separatism and terrorism. China warned Canada not to get involved in what it described as a purely domestic matter.

“It is with deep disappointment that we learn that Mr. Celil has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a Chinese court,” said Foreign Minister Peter MacKay, complaining Beijing repeatedly refused to let Canadian officials visit the man.

“The government of Canada remains gravely concerned about allegations that Mr. Celil has been mistreated while in Chinese custody and possibly subjected to torture. This could constitute a serious breach of the United Nations Convention against Torture, to which both Canada and China are parties.”

MacKay is due to visit China later this month, where he plans to raise the case of Celil, 37.

A foreign ministry statement said MacKay had expressed his concerns with the Chinese embassy and had also spoken with Celil’s wife — who lives in Canada — “to assure her that Canada will continue to pursue justice for Mr. Celil.”

Canada’s Conservative government has frequently complained about the Chinese human rights record. Last November. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Ottawa would not tone down its criticism to cash in on trade with the Asian superpower.

Beijing accuses Uighur militants of using violence in their struggle to set up an independent East Turkestan state in predominantly Muslim Xinjiang, which borders Pakistan, Afghanistan and restive Central Asian states.

Celil fled China in the mid-1990s and was later accepted as a refugee in Canada, where he obtained citizenship. He was detained in Uzbekistan in March 2006 when visiting relatives and sent to China last June.

– original from Reuters: Canada condemns China for jailing man for life

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Torture in China Prison: A Tibetan Monk Tells The Story

Posted by chinaview on April 20th, 2007

Radio Free Asia, 2007.04.20-

KATHMANDU—A Tibetan monk who served 13 years in Lhasa’s notorious Drapchi prison has described how he was tortured by Chinese prison guards in an interview with RFA’s Tibetan service.

“I was detained in Drapchi for 12 years,” Sonam Dorje said. “In April 2005, we were moved from there to Chushul. At that time there were about 100 Tibetan political prisoners. Three soldiers for each prisoner escorted us to the new prison in the middle of the night.”

Dorje, 38, who managed to escape to Nepal en route to the exiled home of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, said the use of torture and solitary confinement was commonplace in the prison.

“We were handcuffed, then they would beat us with a rubber tube filled with sand,” he recalled. “On average we are continuously detained in solitude for about 28 days to a month at a time.”
Prisoners’ health problems

He said the health of most of the prisoners deteriorated quickly as a direct result of the torture sessions and poor diet.

“There was no Tibetan prisoner who did not suffer from kidney disease,” Dorje said. “On a regular basis we were forced to sit on cold concrete floors. So the prisoners were weak and sickly.”

Dorje served a 13-year jail term from June 30, 1992 to June 30, 2005 after taking part in an April 1992 demonstration against Chinese rule in the Himalayan region.

“We were five monks when we protested in 1992. It was during a big meeting when we took Tibetan flags and shouted that Tibet is an independent country and that the Chinese should leave.”

“At that time we were immediately detained by local county police. During detention we were severely beaten and tortured,” he added.

He said the main reasons for the protests were the imposition of China’s one-child policy on Tibetans, severe harships faced by local Tibetan farmers due to Chinese policies, severe shortage of jobs under the pressure influx of Han Chinese into the region, and implementation of patriotic reeducation campaigns in the region’s monasteries.
Electric batons used

He said one of the five, Sonam Rinchen, died in Drapchi under torture.

“When they conducted interrogations, the prisoners would be summoned to the interrogation center. When they didn’t get the answer that they wanted to hear, they tortured us again with a severe beating.”

“Even after the interrogations we would be taken back to our cells where we were tortured once more. They would regularly tie our hands and legs apart and then they would hit us with an electric baton. Most of time they hit us with iron tongs,” he recalled.

“After all this physical torture and mental pain, we could not walk.”

“The conditions in Chinese prisons in Tibet are deplorable,” he said, adding that the torture sessions worsened following his transfer to Chushul prison. “All the food served in jail lacked nutrition. All the vegetables were just boiled in water and served.

Sonam Dorje was originally from Gyama township in Meldrogunkar (Mozhu gongka in Chinese) county, Lhasa prefecture.

He plans to settle in Dharamsala, home of the Tibetan government-in-exile and the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, since they fled the region following a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

– original from Radio Free Asia: Former Tibetan Protest Monk Details Torture in Jail

List of China Modern Torture Methods (slideshow)

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Yahoo Sued For Providing Private User Data To China Authority

Posted by chinaview on April 20th, 2007

By Adam Tanner, Reuters, Apr 18, 2007-

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A Chinese couple sued Yahoo and its Chinese affiliates on Wednesday, alleging the Internet firms provided information that helped the Chinese government prosecute the man for his Internet writings.

Wang Xiaoning was sentenced to ten years in prison last year for “incitement to subvert state power” after he e-mailed electronic journals advocating democratic reform and a multi-party system.

His house and computer were searched in 2002.

In the complaint filed in U.S. District Court for Northern California, Wang and his wife Yu Ling charged the Internet firms turned over details to prosecutors that helped identify him to authorities.

“While in custody, Plaintiffs were subjected to torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, including arbitrary, prolonged and indefinite detention, for expressing their free speech rights and for using the Internet to communicate about democracy and human rights matters,” the filing said.

The suit, advanced by the World Organization for Human Rights USA, based in Washington D.C., said Yahoo benefited financially by working with authorities. China is the world’s second largest Internet market.

“Defendants had every reason to know and understand that the electronic communication user information they provided to authorities could well be used to assist in the infliction of such abuses as arbitrary arrest, torture, cruel, inhuman or other degrading threat and prolonged detention and/or forced labor,” it said.

In a statement, Yahoo said it was distressed that Chinese citizens had been sent to prison for expressing their views on the Internet.

“However, the concerns raised about the Chinese government compelling companies to follow Chinese law and disclose user information are not new,” it said. “Companies doing business in China must comply with Chinese law or its local employees could be faced with civil and criminal penalties.”

The lawsuit came on a day Yahoo shares fell more than 11 percent after the Internet firm’s earnings announced on Tuesday fell below expectations.

The suit names Yahoo, its Hong Kong subsidiary and, China’s largest e-commerce firm, as defendants. California-based Yahoo bought a 40 percent stake in Alibaba for $1 billion in a 2005 deal.

Yahoo said the U.S. government should seek to lobby for political prisoners in China.

“We call on the U.S. Department of State to continue making this issue of free expression a priority in bilateral and multilateral forums with the Chinese, as well as through other tools of trade and diplomacy, in order to help secure the freedom of these dissidents,” the firm said.

– original from Reuters: Chinese couple sues Yahoo for man’s imprisonment


Chinese Dissident’s Wife Arrive in US to Sue Yahoo, 07 March 2007

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UK media: Help Resident’s Family Member in China Labor Camp

Posted by chinaview on April 19th, 2007

Wenjian Liang and her husband Zhiyong LinUK City Nottingham’s newspaper The Evening Post published an report titled “Help free my sister from Chinese labor Camp” on yesterday, telling the story of local resident Jane Liang’s family members in China has been put into labor camp because of their belief, and now asking for international help to rescue them.

Wenjian Liang, 39, Jane Liang’s younger sister, lives in Guangzhou, China, with her husband Zhiyong Lin (photo left).

The couple was taken away from home in Guangzhou on Saturday 10 February by over ten policemen in plain clothes, while her family were spending time together with two other families (including 3 children), ahead of the Chinese New Year.

They all have been sentenced to 2 years in a labour camp, without trial.

They are Falun Gong practitioners.

It’s believed that this arrest resembles numerous recent incidents where the communist regime targets educated Falun Gong adherents who could access the Internet, particularly the blocked Falun Gong and Quitting CCP websites.

And also these arrests are thought to be part of the preparation for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The 2 year sentences effectively putting them away till after the Olympics.

Jane’s family has setup an online petition to secure her sister’s release. Please visit this petition site to show your support.News report- rescue wenjian liang

Please visit Jane’s family petition site to show your support.

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Famous Chinese Artist Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison For His Speech

Posted by chinaview on April 18th, 2007

On April 13, the Famous Chinese painter Yan Zhengxue was sentenced to three years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power.” Said by NTDTV, the global Chinese language TV network. Here’s it’s video report:

Mr. Yan’s defense attorney Li Jianqiang told The Epoch Times that initially Yan had been accused by the court of “subverting state power,” but this charge had been reduced to “inciting subversion of state power.” The court had removed charges of him participating in safeguarding land rights of Zhejiang Province and organizing the farmer’s union, collecting donations for Chinese exile writer Liu Binyan, and his secret membership in China’s Democratic Party.

Yan’s conviction was focused on the charges that he had published articles on overseas websites.

Mr. Yan Zhengxue was born in 1944 in Zhejiang Province, China. In 1962, he was admitted to the middle school affiliated with the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1990, he was elected mayor of Yuanmingyuan artist village which is known as China’s “SOHO.” Many of his artistic works have been displayed in China and internationally, especially those paintings which were created during the time when he was in jail.

On October 18, 2006, Yan’s home was ransacked and he was abducted by the Zhejiang Taizhou State Security Bureau. He was charged on October 25 with the crime of “subversion of state power.”

On the afternoon of April 5, 2007, Taizhou Intermediate People’s Court held a hearing on this case. – According to The Epoch Times’ report.

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New Heights for Human Rights

Posted by chinaview on April 17th, 2007

Donna Jacobs, The Ottawa Citizen, Canada, Monday, April 16, 2007-

From the Matas-Kilgour report: “The Organ Transplant Center of the Armed Police General Hospital in Beijing boldly states: ‘Our Organ Transplant Center is our main department for making money. This year (2004) there is a chance to break through 30,000,000 yuan (about $3.8 million U.S.).’ “

Mr. Kilgour explains that far from being donors or criminals whose organs are taken after execution, these lucrative organs come from peaceful people who rarely see a court.

He says a Falun Gong practitioner, when asked, will admit to being part of the movement because truth is one of Falun Gong’s principles. Once identified, practioners are sent to work camps, where for 16 hours a day they make items for export, including Christmas decorations and promotional materials for multinationals.

“Their blood is tested and they’re carefully tested medically. We’re convinced that they’re tested so that when a westerner goes to Shanghai No. 1 People’s Hospital for a new kidney, for example, the hospital has a computer bank of all the kidneys available from the practitioners. The turnaround time, thus, from arriving in China, undergoing tissue type tests and getting the organ is two weeks.”

One military doctor tested compatibility of seven kidneys before a successful match for one patient from another Asian country. “Eight human beings died,” says Mr. Kilgour, “so he could get a kidney.”

The two lawyers are by no means alone in their campaign. Manfred Nowak, the UN rapporteur on torture, said two-thirds of people tortured in China are Falun Gong practitioners. In March, an article in the respected Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine found the Matas-Kilgour report “credible” given China’s “remarkable” organ transplant rate.

Doctors in three Canadian hospitals — in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary — have reported about 100 Canadians have gone to China for transplants.

Of China’s recently announced ban on the export of transplanted human organs, Mr. Kilgour says, “Laws in China are often observed mostly in the breach, especially when there are hundreds of millions of dollars involved — as in the case of selling organs from Falun Gong practitioners and executed ‘criminals.’

“We hope it’s not just pre-Olympics spin.”

Mr. Kilgour has campaigned for this cause in Australia with Edward McMillan-Scott, Conservative MP and vice-president of the European Parliament. He believes the campaign has collapsed the Chinese organ transplant market there.

“We’re trying to get citizens, parliamentarians and doctors in all 70 countries where there are Olympic committees to raise these issues,” says Mr. Kilgour. “We’re not calling for an Olympic boycott. If we can just create enough pressure, we think the government of China will stop this terrible practice.”

Yesterday, Mr. Matas and Mr. Kilgour left for Pittsburgh and Cleveland (two major transplant centres in the U.S.), then for Asia and Europe.

Retired indeed.

Donna Jacobs is an Ottawa writer. Her e-mail address

– original report from The Ottawa Citizen, titled: New Heights for Human Rights

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China Sentences Son of Prominent Muslim Activist

Posted by chinaview on April 17th, 2007

17 April 2007-

A Chinese court has sentenced the son of a prominent Muslim activist to nine years in prison on charges that he engaged in secessionist activities. VOA’s Luis Ramirez reports from Beijing.

The court in the far western Chinese city of Urumqi sentenced Ablikim Abdiriyim to prison Tuesday. Officials said he had instigated and engaged in secessionist activities.

The court accused him of spreading articles on the Internet promoting the secession of Xinjiang, a region that has been under Chinese control for centuries and is home to the Turkish-speaking ethnic Uighur people – most of whom are Muslims.

Ablikim is an ethnic Uighur and son of the exiled dissident Rebiya Kadeer. Kadeer had been jailed for five years on subversion charges before Chinese authorities – under U.S. pressure – sent her to the United States in 2005.

Speaking from her home in the United States, Kadeer told VOA she protests the sentencing of her son.

Kadeer says her son is innocent. She says he never engaged in political activities as the court charged.

International human rights activists have long criticized China for using the war on terror as an excuse to crack down on Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Advocates have condemned what they say is the Chinese government’s harassment of Kadeer’s relatives since her release.

Last month, the group Amnesty International said Ablikim had been beaten in prison and had been denied medical treatment.

Chinese officials have slapped tax evasion charges on two other sons.

U.S. Embassy officials in Beijing had no comment Tuesday on Ablikim’s sentencing.

original report from VOA News

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Lecture Today: “China’s Genocide”

Posted by chinaview on April 16th, 2007

The Tartan, April 16, 2007-

Title: “China’s Genocide: Organ Harvesting on Live Falun Gong Practitioners”

The Basics: Four keynote speakers will address China’s unethical means of extracting organs from prisoners, termed “China’s New Genocide.”

In China, practitioners of the spiritual group Falun Gong endure live organ harvesting in which their organs are extracted and put on the market while the victims are still alive. The speakers will recommend ways for the transplant community, the government, and the general public to take action to stop the current practice.

The event is sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs, Student Senate, and a variety of student organizations from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh.

When: Today at 5:30 p.m.

Where: McConomy Auditorium

– original from  The Tartan: Lecture Preview

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China’s Longest River Extensively Polluted Beyond Repair

Posted by chinaview on April 16th, 2007

Reuters, Apr 15, 2007-

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Three Gorges Dam reservoir has been fouled by pesticides, fertilizers and sewage, and more than 600 kilometers of the Yangtze river are critically polluted, Xinhua news agency said on Sunday, citing a report.

The joint report by an institute at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the international WWF organization and the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission also said nearly 30 percent of the river’s major tributaries, including the Minjiang, Tuojiang, Xiangjiang and Huangpu rivers, were seriously polluted.

“The impact of human activities on the Yangtze water ecology is largely irreversible,” Yang Guishan, a researcher of the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and one of the chief editors of the report, told Xinhua.

“It’s a pressing job to regulate such activities in all the Yangtze drainage areas and promote harmonious development of man and nature.”

China’s environment has suffered for years as the country has chased rapid economic growth, with little official attention given until recently to the threats of unfettered growth to the nation’s air, water and soil.

Last month at the opening session of the National People’s Congress, Premier Wen Jiabao called for economic growth goals to be balanced with protection of the environment.

Cities along the Yangtze annually dump at least 14.2 billion tons of waste into China’s longest waterway — which Xinhua said accounts for 35 percent of the country’s fresh water resources.

The river’s annual harvest of aquatic products dropped from 427,000 tons in the 1950s to about 100,000 tons in the 1990s, according to the joint study.

It also said the Three Gorges Dam reservoir, the world’s largest water storage facility, was seriously polluted by pesticides, fertilizers and sewage from passenger boats.

– Original report from Reuters: China’s Yangtze river extensively polluted: study

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Banana Cancer Spreads Throughout South-east China Province

Posted by chinaview on April 16th, 2007

The China Scope, 4/13/2007-

In a couple of years, Guangzhou residents may no longer be able to taste locally grown bananas. According to the Guangzhou Science and Technological Association, of the 8,667 hectares that are planted with bananas, over 3,333 hectares are infected with the banana-cancer “Panama Disease,” and it is spreading rapidly.

According to the Director of the Biological Research Office at the Guangzhou Institute of Agricultural Sciences, the epidemic began in 1995. In the early stages, only 5% of the banana trees were infected. The number reached 20% by the second year, and over 40% by the third year. All the banana plantations in Dagang, Dongyong, Zhongshan and Hualong have already been wiped out.

Currently, there is no known cure for the disease. The name is derived from an infection that affected a large area of banana plantations in Panama and Columbia in the early twentieth century. At that time, the disease wiped out over a hundred thousand hectares of banana plantation.

original report from The China Scope report: Bananas May Become Extinct As “Panama Disease” Spreads Throughout Guangzhou

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China Mining Accidents Cause 13 Deaths Per Day in 2006

Posted by chinaview on April 15th, 2007

The China Scope, 4/13/2007-

According to the Chinese State Administration of Work Safety, recent accidents in the Wangjiasai Coal Mine and the Baijiao Coal mine (two major national coal mines in Guizhou and Sichuan respectively) have resulted in fourteen deaths.

On March 27, 2007, inadequate safety measures resulted in an explosion at the Wangjiasai Coal Mine, and a similar accident took place on April 1, 2007, at the Baijiao Coal Mine.

According to the State Administration of Work Safety, these two incidents reveal troubling issues related to the safety, work and mining conditions of the nation’s state-owned mines.

Moreover, a total of 2,845 mining accidents were reported in 2006, resulting in 4,746 deaths, or an average of 13 deaths per day.

– original report from The China Scope report: Government Reveals 2,845 Mining Accidents Reported In 2006

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China Activist Hu Jia House Arrestted for Trying To Rescue Detained Lawyer

Posted by chinaview on April 15th, 2007

Hu JiaChinese Activist Hu Jia was put under house arrest on April. 10 by China police, after he released a phone recording – his conversation with detained lawyer Gao Zhisheng – onto the Internet on Apr. 6, reported by the Epochtimes.

In their conversation, lawyer Gao said during his 129-day period of detainment, he suffered different forms of torture carried out by inmates for extended periods of time:

He was handcuffed for totally 600 hours, tied to a specially made iron chair for 590 hours, surrounded by strong light for 590 hours, and was forced to sit on the floor with legs crossed for 800 hours; the longest time he was bound to a chair was 109 hours.

After the phone call with Gao, Mr. Hu Jia immediately called the German Embassy and said he would discuss with them the situation of Gao and his family. His call was monitored, resulting in his arrest.

As an AIDS activist and outspoken human rights advocate, Mr. Hu Jia was detained for 41 days early last year. Then he was under police surveillance for more than 200 days until Feb. 16, 2007 when he was allowed to make a trip to Hong Kong.

Mr. Hu Jia is said to be suffering from Hepatitis B and in the early stage of liver cirrhosis.

For further information, please check this Epochtimes report: Activist Hu Jia now under house arrest

China Lawyer Tortured, Forced to Confess To Protect Family, April 10, 2007

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200 Shanghai Petitioners Detained For Protesting Misleading Report

Posted by chinaview on April 14th, 2007

Human Rights in China (HRIC), April 12, 2007-

Human Rights in China (HRIC) has learned that over 200 petitioners in Shanghai were detained for one day after protesting the content of an official article reporting the success of the petitioning system. Several petitioners remain in detention following further protests of their treatment.

At around noon on April 11, more than 200 Shanghai petitioners, including Ma Yalian, Chen Enjuan, Sun Xicheng and Xi Guozhen, went to the offices of the official Party paper, Shanghai’s Liberation Daily, to protest an article published on April 9.

The petitioners claimed that the article presented a distorted picture of the actual plight of Shanghai’s petitioners. The article stated that more than 80 Letters and Petitions Offices throughout the city had accepted more than 1.1 million petitions in the year 2006, and that “each and every petition had received due attention and reply.”

The petitioners argued that the Liberation Daily as a mouthpiece of the Shanghai municipal government, ignored the voices of the people, was trying to gloss over problems, and presented a misleading picture to the new Party Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Xi Jinping.

Over 100 police officers reportedly confronted the petitioners and forcibly loaded them into police vehicles. They were taken to a secondary school in Shanghai’s Huangpu District, where they were held until the evening and then released.

The following day, on April 12, around 30 petitioners went to see district head Chen Anjie during his regular public session for petitions, and express their dissatisfaction to him, but no one was willing to meet with them. They proceeded to the district government office, where they were confronted by a dozen police officers.

One petitioner, Chen Suqin, was reportedly knocked unconscious during the confrontation. She was taken to a hospital for treatment, but was then taken away by police.

Two other petitioners, Zhang Hui and Liu Shan, were also detained and at last report have not yet been released.

For the past several years, local Shanghai authorities have been cracking down on petitioners through forcible repatriation, illegal detentions and imprisonment based on trumped-up charges.

According to information collected by HRIC, since 2000, at least 100 petitioners in Shanghai have been detained, sent to Reform Through Labor, or sentenced on criminal charges.

HRIC urges the new Party Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Xi Jinping, who has expressed public concern over the situation of petitioners in Shanghai, to address their complaints and critically reexamine the current policy towards petitioners.

– original report from Human Rights in China: Shanghai Petitioners Detained following Protests

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Video: Why Does China Consulate Interfere With Chinese Culture Show

Posted by chinaview on April 13th, 2007

You may heard that traditional Chinese culture was deadly destroied by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during a 10-year period of Culture Revolution started from 1966.

Even till today, CCP’s efforts to against traditional Chinese culture still not stopped.

Here’s the news: Chinese officials in New Zealand are exerting pressure on sponsors and VIPs in attempts to block support for an international Chinese cultural show – Divine Performing Arts, which is hosted by independent TV network NTDTV, held at The Civic Theatre in downtown Auckland on Thursday, April 5, 2007.

Here’s an video report about the incident on Youtube:

Some facts about the Culture Revolution:

During the Culture Revolution, “Starting in August 1966, the raging fire of the “Casting Away the Four Olds” burned the entire land of China. Regarded as objects of “feudalism, capitalism, and revisionism,” the Buddhist temples, Taoist temples, Buddha statues, historical and scenic sites, calligraphy, paintings, and antiques became the main targets for destruction by the Red Guards.

Take the Buddha statues for example. There are 1000 colored, glazed Buddha statues in relief on the top of Longevity Hill in the Summer Palace in Beijing. After the “Casting Away the Four Olds,” they were all damaged. None of them has a complete set of the five sensory organs any more.” On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party – Part 6

* Note: “Four Olds” – old ideas, old culture, old customs and old habits

Question: Why is Communist China so aggressively against Traditional Chinese culture?

Brief answer: the Communist theory opposes traditional Chinese culture. The traditional Chinese culture is an obstacle to the CCP’s dictatorship and challenges the legitimacy of the CCP rule.

Then: What is the traditional Chinese culture? What is the Communist Party’s Philosophy? Why and how did the CCP destroied traditional Chinese culture?

First, The “philosophy” of the Communist Party completely contradicts the authentic traditional Chinese culture.

“The traditional beliefs of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism offered the Chinese people a very stable moral system, unchangeable “so long as heaven remains.” This ethical system offered the basis for sustainability, peace, and harmony in society.”

“Traditional culture respects the mandate of heaven, as Confucius once said, “Life and death are predestined, and wealth and rank are determined by heaven.” [20] Both Buddhism and Taoism are forms of theism, and believe in the reincarnation cycle of life and death, and the karmic causality of good and evil.

The Communist Party, on the contrary, not only believes in atheism, but also runs wild in defying the Tao and assaulting heavenly principles.

– Confucianism values family, but the Communist Manifesto clearly promulgates abolition of the family.
– Traditional culture differentiates the Chinese from the foreign, but the Communist Manifesto advocates the end of nationality.
– Confucian culture promotes kindness to others, but the Communist Party encourages class struggle.
– Confucians encourage loyalty to the monarch and love for the nation. The Communist Manifesto promotes the elimination of nations. ” – extract from On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

Second, Traditional Culture Is an Obstacle to the CCP’s Dictatorship

“Loyalty in traditional Chinese culture does not mean blind devotion. In the eyes of the people, the emperor is a “son of heaven”—with heaven above him. The emperor cannot be correct at all times.

Therefore there was a need for observers to point out the emperor’s mistakes all the time.

The Chinese chronicle system had historians record all the words and deeds of the emperor. Scholastic officials could become teachers for their sage kings, and the behavior of the emperor was judged by the Confucian classics.

If the emperor was immoral—unenlightened to the Tao, people might rise up to overthrow him, as was the case when Chengtang attacked Jie, or in King Wu’s removal of Zhou. [23] These uprisings, judged from traditional culture, were not considered violations of loyalty or the Tao. Instead, they were seen as enforcing the Tao on behalf of heaven.

The dictatorial CCP could by no means accept traditional beliefs such as these. The CCP wanted to canonize its own leaders and promote a cult of personality, and so would not allow such long-held concepts such as heaven, Tao, and God to govern from above.

The CCP was aware that what it did was considered the most heinous and enormous crime against heaven and the Tao if measured by the standards of traditional culture. They were aware that as long as the traditional culture existed, people would not praise the CCP as “great, glorious, and correct.” Scholars would continue the tradition of “risking their lives to admonish the monarch,” “maintaining justice at the expense of their lives,” and place the people above the rulers. Thus, the people would not become CCP puppets, and the CCP could not force conformity on the thoughts of the masses. ” – extract from On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

Third, Traditional Culture Challenges the Legitimacy of the CCP Rule

“Traditional Chinese culture believes in God and the heavenly mandate. Accepting the mandate of heaven means that rulers have to be wise, follow the Tao and be attuned to destiny. Accepting belief in God means accepting that authority over humanity rests in heaven.

The CCP ruling principle is summarized as, “Never more tradition’s chains shall bind us, arise ye toilers no more in thrall. The earth shall rise on new foundations; we are but naught; we shall be all.” [27]

The CCP promotes historical materialism, claiming that Communism is an earthly paradise, the path to which is led by the pioneer proletarians, or the Communist Party. The belief in God thus directly challenged the legitimacy of the CCP’s rule. ” – extract from On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

For the details about traditional Chinese culture, the Communist Party’s Philosophy, why and how did the CCP destroied traditional Chinese culture, please watch the following youtube video:

First half                 Second half

Leaked Document: Chinese Embassy Tried to Silence TV Network in Canada, April 4th, 2007

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China Lawyer Tortured, Forced to Confess To Protect Family

Posted by chinaview on April 12th, 2007

By JOSEPH KAHN, New York times, April 10, 2007-

BEIJING, April 9 — Gao Zhisheng, one of China’s most outspoken dissidents until his conviction on sedition charges late last year, said in a recorded statement made available over the weekend that while his confession had resulted in a light sentence, it had been made under mental and physical duress.

Mr. Gao’s remarks, recorded by a close friend and offered to journalists in Beijing, were his first public statement since he was convicted in December. He was given a suspended sentence.

His confession brought criticism from some other human rights advocates.

Mr. Gao lives in Beijing with his wife and children. But he said he remained in nearly total isolation, surrounded by plainclothes security forces and forbidden to leave his home, use his telephone or computer or otherwise communicate with the outside world.

He also said that a lengthy confession letter released to the public by the authorities after his conviction, while genuine, had come only after he had been subjected to torture. He said his interrogators repeatedly threatened to punish his wife and children unless he admitted the crimes they said he had committed.

“Although in the past I had some idea of how this group ignores justice, how they nakedly and impudently use evil means to realize their objectives, I really did not understand well enough,” Mr. Gao said, referring to Chinese public security forces.

He said his captors had forced him to sit motionless in an iron chair for extended sessions that totaled hundreds of hours, surrounded him with bright lights and used other torture techniques aimed at breaking his will. He said he had agreed to their terms because they repeatedly intimated that the well-being of his wife and children could not be guaranteed unless he cooperated.

“In the end I decided I could not haggle about my children’s future,” he said.

Mr. Gao, a lawyer, gained prominence among human rights advocates and grass-roots organizers in China and their supporters overseas for his uncompromising denunciations of police and judicial abuses and his scathing open letters to senior Communist Party leaders.

He called attention to what he described as systematic abuses against members of the Falun Gong spiritual sect, which is banned in China. He also helped organize a hunger strike against intimidation tactics used by the country’s State Security forces.

Mr. Gao lost his license to practice law in late 2005, and in August of last year he was arrested while traveling in Shandong Province.

The authorities repeatedly described Mr. Gao’s cooperative attitude in custody. A few months after he was arrested, they released a letter in which Mr. Gao declared that he had severed all ties with his former colleagues working for human rights and that he did not desire to have a defense lawyer represent him in court.

Judicial officials said in announcing the verdict in his case that Mr. Gao not only admitted his own crimes but had also provided information about other outstanding cases.

Those claims prompted a mixed reaction among Mr. Gao’s friends and supporters. Some said they worried that he had betrayed former colleagues and expressed disappointment that he had compromised with the authorities after a short stint in captivity.

Others said they suspected that officials had elicited a confession from him by using extreme pressure and that the public release of documents in his case was intended to ruin his reputation and divide his allies.

Mr. Gao issued his remarks, the first explanation of his confession, through Hu Jia, a longtime friend and fellow human rights organizer who managed to reach him by telephone. Mr. Hu recorded the conversation with Mr. Gao’s consent, according to the tape.

Attempts to reach Mr. Gao directly were unsuccessful.

In the recording, he denied that he had betrayed any secrets that could harm other dissidents. But he acknowledged that he had let down his colleagues by confessing.

“I don’t have the ability to get news from outside, but I bet much of it is about my so-called surrender and open declaration,” he said, referring to documents released by the authorities. “When these matters are raised, my heart is flooded with unbelievable shame.”

He said he had decided to earn a decent living for his family instead of seeking to change China’s political system. “In the future I don’t aspire to be much use to society, but rather to be of more use to my family,” he said.

But he said intensive security had turned his house into a new jail for him and his family, making it impossible for him to earn a living and forcing him to speak out once again.

– original report: China Dissident Says Confession Was Forced

Gao Zhisheng: ‘I Will Fight for My Family’s Living Rights’, The Epoch Times, Apr 09, 2007
Letter Expose Tortures of Chinese Lawyer Gao Zhisheng, April 12th, 2007

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Letter Expose Tortures of Chinese Lawyer Gao Zhisheng

Posted by chinaview on April 12th, 2007

Taken away by tens of police to an unknown place in Beijing on August 15, 2006 and wasHu Jia gao zhishengdetained till December 22, in a total of 129 days imprison without reason, the well-known Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng:

(photo left: Lawyer Gao Zhisheng; Right: Activist Hu Jia) :

– was called as number “815″, no one was supposed to ask his name; was sent to cell No. 124 on the west side, and slept in the No. 4 bunk.

– was handcuffed for 600 hours

– fixed to a specially made iron chair for 590 hours

– illuminated by strong lights on both sides for about 590 hours

– was forced to sit on the floor cross legged to examine his sins for 800 hours and was forced to wipe down the bunk bed boards 385 times

– Since November 29, Mr. Gao was forced to cooperate with the regime to produce a video for admitting guilt “without pressure,” announcing my declaration “voluntarily,” and re-shooting the interrogation records.

Above maltreatment was first time exposed by Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng in his 3rd letter to rights activist Hu Jia, which was read on the phone by Mr. Gao to Hu, on April 4, 2007 in Beijing, while Mr. Gao is house-arrested and the house being surrounded by over one hundred plainclothes police every day.

Mr. Gao’s first two letters failed to reach Hu Jia due to the Chinese communist regime’s severe suppression and surveillance.

The whole letter, according to the voice record of the comunication between Mr. Gao and China rights activist Hu Jia, can be found from the Epochtimes’ website, titled “Gao Zhisheng’s Letter to Fellow Rights Activist“.

Know more of Gao Zhisheng’s  illegal imprison from following youtube video report:

China arrests dissident lawyer for subversion, Reuters, Oct 12, 2006
Chinese Police Detain Prominent Human Rights Lawyer, VOA News, 18 August 2006

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Atheists reponsible for youth crimes

April 21, 2007


I’m sure you are aware of how violent America’s and the world’s community of youths have gotten, even at very young ages. Consider the following cases: “A 15 years old girl was strung up in a tree and a friend clubbed her to death with a rock for threatening to reveal plans by a group of teens to run away to Florida, police said. “Snitches get hurt,” the friend told the victim, according to witnesses. Kimberly Jo Dotts’ body was found by hikers Tuesday in a clearing called Gallows Harbor, named after a hanging in the 19th century. Her friend, Jessica Holtmeyer, 16, and Aaron Straw, 18, were arrested Wednesday, 10 days after the slaying. They were charged with homicide and are being held in the county jail. Police said more arrests were possible. An investigator said other teens were present during the attack but walked away. Police did get an anonymous call a few days before the body was found, but did not elaborate on what was said. 11 people – the two suspects, Kimberly Jo, her 24-year-old cousin, Tracy Lewis, and seven teenagers – were planning to run away to Florida, but got angry at Kimberly Jo when she backed out a! nd threatened to reveal their plans. The group toyed with Kimberly Jo by putting the noose around her neck, then removing it. At one point, she was dragged around the wooded clearing by her neck.” InFoBeat News 5/22/98

“Three sixth-grade boys had a “hit list” and were plotting to kill fellow classmates on the last day of school in a sniper attack during a false fire alarm, police said. The plan was modeled after a recent ambush at a Jonesboro, Ark., school that left five dead, Lt. Dave Todd said. Police learned of the plan after they responded to a fight at Becky Davis Elementary School in rural St. Charles County Thursday. Todd said what officers found was far more serious than a schoolyard brawl. The boys planned to pull a fire alarm and shoot students as they fled the school, Todd said. He said they got the idea from the March 24 incident in Jonesboro where an 11-year-old boy and his 13-year-old friend allegedly opened fire on classmates after pulling an alarm. Four pupils and a teacher were killed and 10 people were wounded. The sniper attack was to be carried out June 6, the last day of school.” InFoBeat News 5/22/98

Now do you realize who the people are who are responsible for children having gotten so violent? The answer is ATHEISTS and other non-beleivers in the true God. So you may ask how can this be? The reason why they are responsible is because they hate God and teach their children against God (which is the highest form of child abuse). For example: Atheists hate the TEN COMMANDMENTS because God is their Author. In the TEN COMMANDMENTS, God commands all mankind not to kill, not to steal, to honor our parents and so forth. Since atheists hate God and His Commandments, they teach their children and the children they have authority over against God and against His commandments. There is no other morality other than God’s Moral Law. God is the Author of all morality. Since atheists teach children against God’s morality, they have to in turn be teaching them to do the very things God says not to do.

Some of the many ways atheists are doing this are through anti-God and anti-moral parental attitude, violence in the movie and music industries, anti-moral attitude on the web and etc. All the anti-God and anti-moral attitudes found in these fields come from atheists and other non believers.

Are Homosexuals born that way?

April 21, 2007



Many infants are born throughout the world community with physical and mental defects. All of the defects are rightly considered to be abnormalities which justify efforts to remove them, to discover their causes, and to prevent further occurrences. You will never hear of a case wherein a government or anyone in the fields of science, medicine, psychiatry, etc. uses any kind of rationalization in effort to justify the abnormalities or to label them as normal conditions on the basis that the people who have them were born that way. Even nonphysical mental retardation, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are all considered abnormalities for which cures are rightly being sought.

However, when it comes to the nonphysical immoral abnormality of homosexuality, a strange, inverted spirit exerts a deceptive influence upon the thinking of people who are ignorant, naive, deceived, and moral criminals. “Born that way” is used to deceptively justify the existence, remove all stigmas, and create tolerance for the horrific crime of homosexuality.

If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, why is their heteromorphic condition not regarded as a defect in light of the facts that their inverted thoughts, demeanor, unclean desires, and lifestyle are departures from what is right for humans in the senses that they are against nature or contrary to the way God has intended humans to function — the institution of marriage is corrupted; conjugal relationships are corrupted; the act is unnatural and highly unhygienic; the act has not been designed by God to propagate humanity; the condition is a detriment in every way to the mental, physical, and moral well-being of children and the rest of humankind, etc.?

If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, and if it is true that homosexuality should not be regarded as a defect, why are people who are born as hermaphrodites rightly regarded as having a birth defect? Homosexuality does far more harm to humanity than what the uncorrected hermaphroditic condition can ever do. The homosexual has a spiritual and moral defect which has no right of existence just as much as the hermaphrodite has a physical defect which needs correcting. If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, it is the responsibility of government and society to correctly label, legally stigmatize and criminalize it as a terrible moral defect on which government and society should use drastic effort to correct, discover its social causes, and correctly assess its damnable effects on society and humanity. Furthermore, they should make aggressive efforts to punish it to prevent further occurrences.

The truth about homosexuality should be discerned from the fact that the all-wise and all-knowing God — the One who created humans and therefore knows what’s best for them — has condemned effeminate males (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) and masculine females (Romans 1:26-27). He also has condemned homosexuality as an abomination (Leviticus 18:22) and has prescribed for such a crime the penalty of death by the hands of corporeal government (Leviticus 20:13). The penalty is to be extended to people who merely commit the act, people who sympathize with homosexuals, and people who seek to promote tolerance in society for not only such people but also their criminal condition and life-style. But it should be duly noted that God has not condemned in any way people who are born as hermaphrodites or anyone else who has been or will be born with any other physical or mental birth defect. Those facts suggest that the hermaphroditic condition and the rest are noncriminal defects.

However, homosexuality is a spiritual, moral, and partly mental defect, created in some cases after birth. It takes hold of people through the total depravity of their own being. From within their intrinsic depravity, the learning or creation processes in many cases are induced in them at an early age (which helps create the illusion that these were born that way) by heathen or homosexual parents, heathen or homosexual relatives and friends, and a heathen environment. As it is being created in children, it is tolerated or nurtured by their environment and society, protected by heathen governments, and thereafter maintained by each homosexual through their total depravity, deliberate choice, and blatant defiance of what is right for their gender. Thus, in the end, heathens see the need to seek cures for or prevent the occurrences of physical and mental abnormalities which are noncriminal, but seek to justify and establish moral sicknesses and depravity which are criminal. The former defects do not create an evil society, but the latter creates hell on earth.

If it is true that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, why isn’t the inverted condition apparent at birth as indisputable proof that they are born that way? Why can’t medical technology of some type be used to reveal that some males and females are gay at birth? No such technology exists because homosexuality is not a physical condition but a spiritual and moral one. Homosexuality is created in people in at least three ways: 1. People are taught or induced in their early years to be gay; 2. people make a conscious choice from the depravity of their own hearts to live such a lifestyle; 3. some homosexuals are possessed by one or more gay demons. Those who become homosexuals through the first two ways are not born as homosexuals and can possibly refuse to practice their inverted desires. But the males and females who become gay as a result of demon possession may get possessed in the womb before their birth. Others people may get possessed at some point after birth. Those who are possessed are compelled to live as homosexuals and can’t turn from it. Thus the claim that homosexuals are born that way is indeed true for some of them. But having been born that way or having been possessed by a gay demon in no way legitimizes their condition and their indecent acts. The fact that they were born that way turns out to be indisputable proof of the Biblical truth that humans are conceived in iniquity and born as thoroughly depraved sinners and as slaves of satan.

Every human is born with the seed or intrinsic principle of depravity called the “law of sin”. However, not all manifest their depravity through homosexuality. The principle of sin begins the process of producing evil fruit in various ways in the lives of humans at some point after their birth and throughout their later lives. It produces fruit in some people through more heinous ways than in others, and in yet others with more or less restraint than some. Having been born with the intrinsic principle of depravity in no way legitimizes any of the depraved acts and compulsions which spring from it. Homosexuality is one of the more heinous fruits of the law of sin. Its extreme heinousness is indicated through the death sentence God requires for it and through its most sinister and deceptive ability to justify and establish itself as if it is legitimate. Government should be in the business of curbing and punishing all acts of depravity, not legitimizing and protecting them. Homosexuality has no true right of existence, and it is the God-given responsibility of corporeal governments to do the proper things to remove it from society.

As stated several times before, homosexuality has no right to existence. In order for it to exist, it has to silence or crush its opposition. The only real opposition it has comes from proper moral laws and the people who hold to them. Thus, homosexuality thrives by suppressing righteousness and the people who rightly oppose homosexuality. It does the former by aggressive and successful efforts to deceive the public against the high criminality of homosexuality in order to create tolerance for it, and by placing themselves in respectable and key positions in order to create laws in favor of it and to get government to protect it. It does the later by incongruently stigmatizing those who rightly oppose it with labels designed to deceptively portray them as having some type of mental defect and as those who express an unjust hatred for homosexuality. The undeserved stigma that is placed upon those who rightly oppose homosexuality turns out to be a great injustice done to them just for heathens to enjoy their nasty compulsion and acts of depravity which in the end has dire effects upon society. Such injustice is allowed and backed by the american government.

“I’m against willfully induced abortions for any reason. But if there could ever be truly justifiable reasons for pregnant females to have abortions, none would be more justified than the cases wherein the females could receive true knowledge that they are carrying homosexuals in their wombs. On the basis of Leviticus 20:13, I wholeheartedly support abortions in such cases.” (Robert T. Lee)

The Filth of Homosexuality

April 21, 2007



Following is a simple, but disturbing email I received and my response.


>From: “gurpareet bains”
>Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 12:56:25 +1000
>To: Robert T. Lee
>That section about homosexuality is absolute filth.


Surely you are blind. You view the truth against homosexuality as filth and the filth and evil of homosexuality as cleanliness. What a terrible tragedy!

Have you not understood how vile and filthy the act of homosexuality is? Do you not perceive the need for personal hygiene? Wouldn’t a hygienically conscious male consider a female to be very filthy if her vagina was filled with excrement and he got it and its stench on himself during the sexual act? That is how filthy the act of homosexuality is, even when it is performed by senators, congressmen, doctors, attorneys, newspaper editors, teachers, celebrities and etc. Homosexuality is an extremely filthy act regardless of who performs it.

Homosexuals also perform oral anal sex. That is even more unclean! By doing so, they ingest human feces. Don’t you understand how filthy human feces is? It can carry all kinds of terrible diseases, including typhoid, cholera, amoebic dysentery, the Aids virus, hepatitis A, worms, bacteria and bowel inflictions. Who but nasty totally depraved maggots enjoy having colon or anal sex even when they know they will get feces, its stench and bring its diseases upon themselves!

Not only is the act of homosexuality physically filthy, but it is also morally filthy. So why do you say that anyone who opposes homosexuality speaks filth and you do not regard the act of homosexuality filth? Your sympathy for homosexuality proves you to be a very filthy person.

The terrible immoral and physical uncleanliness of homosexuality makes it the next moral crime to bestiality. If one does not have moral scruples against committing the verminous unnatural act of homosexuality, he or she will not scruple against the filthy and unnatural act of bestiality. This is one of the things that make the act of homosexuality so vile and heinous. When depraved humans get adjusted to practicing and receiving pleasure from a particular level of depravity, they will not remain satisfied with the degree of degraded pleasure they receive in that realm, but will begin to lust for the pleasure that can be derived from the next level. For those who derive sinful pleasure from the act of homosexuality, the next level is bestiality (Leviticus 18:22-23). Homosexuals are not called “dogs” by God in the Bible for nothing (Deuteronomy 23:18). Now you know the true origin of Aids among mankind. It had its origin from homosexuals who had and continue to have anal, genital and oral sex with animals. Now you understand one reason God forbids fornication. The next time you get ready to have illicit sex of whatever type, you might want to ask: “With whom or with what kind of animal did this person last copulate with?”