Hatred for Homosexuality is right, and scientifically sound


By scientific, the meaning can be construed as immutably correct.If every single individual were to become homosexual, and lesbian, then the Earth would be a lifeless planet in less than a generation.Homosexuals, and God-Haters hear this argument and counter with the science of “in-vitro fertilization,” which is nothing more than a strawman.In-Vitro fertilization is a relativley new science that has come along relatively recently.If it never existed, and homosexuality were the norm the human race would have died long ago.Sound science strikes yet again.

It is a sin for men to act effeminate, and it is also a death worthy crime in the sight of God for humans to be gay or to commit the abominable act of homosexuality. It is also a sin for women to be masculine, and a death worthy crime for them to commit the act of lesbianism and embrace such a life style. If you are repulsed or nauseated by gay males and females and their unnatural and nasty sexual acts, your repulsion is normal and right in the sight of God Most High – the One who created humankind and who condemns homosexuality.

Do not allow any person, any special interest group or any law to erode your repulsion against homosexuality. And do not allow yourself to be deceived into thinking your feelings are abnormal if you have been tagged as being “homophobic”. The people who do not have such repulsion – who tolerate homosexuality and sympathize with it are the ones who are morally and psychologically sick and insane. Same sex attraction is a moral crime and the act of homosexuality is a death worthy crime against God and humankind. If you are repulsed against homosexuality, you are not so because of ignorance and deception or insanity. But you are so because the act is truly evil. The reason you ARE NOT repulsed against opposite sex attraction is because it is right and proper. “Heterosexuality” is not a so-called “sexual orientation”. It is the way God create humans to function. God never meant for humans to be attracted to the same sex any more than He meant for them to be attracted to animals. Homosexuality is an abandonment or perversion of the way God originally created mankind. There is not a sane law in the entire universe that will condemn a proper relationship between a man and a woman. Not even sick homosexuals condemn opposite sex attraction. But in every society on earth, there is a natural and right repulsion against homosexuality because it is not right for humankind. If you are not repulsed against homosexuality, something morally is terribly wrong with you – you are a sick individual.

In their effort to justify homosexuality, gay people and their sympathizers make the false claim that a negative attitude against gay people is due to ignorance or religious dogma. In no case where there is a sane intolerance to homosexuality is that so. However, it is a fact that people tolerate and justify homosexuality or sympathize with gay people because of ignorance, deception, denial and depravity. All the nations on earth are really heathen nations that do not embrace Christian principles as their dogma. Nevertheless, a negative attitude against homosexuality is to be found in every nation. This is not due to ignorance or religious dogma, but to common sense. Where ignorance and deception prevails and where love for evil abounds, homosexuality also thrives. Any so-called “education” in favor of homosexuality is none other than deception.

Homosexuals use many methods to deceive the gullible into tolerating homosexuality. One way they do so is to point to same sex attraction among animals. Do not be deceived into thinking that since same sex attraction has been observed among animals that this somehow legitimizes same sex attraction for humans. Some animals are also known to eat carrion, excrement and attack and kill humans. If same sex attraction among them can be rightly used to legitimize same sex attraction among humans, so can all their other unclean and murderous tendencies. Animals are irrational creatures that are not accountable to God. Only totally depraved fools point to the nasty actions of dogs as examples to follow rather than live according to the righteousness of God. Homosexuals prove they have fallen lower than animals by making animals as their mentors and examples to follow. One thing for sure is creatures of instinct demonstrate that they are more righteous than homosexuals, because they do not seek to justify their acts by the nasty acts of homosexuals.

Homosexuality is one of the many manifestations of the total depravity of mankind. It is part of the evidence that demonstrates the sad totally depraved state into which all mankind has fallen. It evidences that the wrath of the Almighty God hangs over the heads of every graceless human.

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26 Comments on “Hatred for Homosexuality is right, and scientifically sound”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wow… God loves everyone no matter their sexuality… We are all one with God neither man or woman.. that is just our physical.. what matters the most is our soul.. GOD LOVES EVERYONE REGARDLESS… iam not homosexual but i beleive there is absoloutely no problem with a man being in love with a man or a woman being in love with a woman.. we are all souls seperate from out physical everything.. What matters is being a GOOD PERSON.

    • Leviticus Says:

      How can you be so ignorant? Do you not know that it is written in the Holy Bible that marriage was ordained for being between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is hated, even by God himself? 13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

      (Old Testament | Leviticus 20:13)

  2. Amy Says:

    Wow… God loves everyone no matter their sexuality… We are all one with God neither man or woman.. that is just our physical.. what matters the most is our soul.. GOD LOVES EVERYONE REGARDLESS… iam not homosexual but i beleive there is absoloutely no problem with a man being in love with a man or a woman being in love with a woman.. we are all souls seperate from out physical everything.. What matters is being a GOOD PERSON.

    Here is something that is a real problem and that is a real act against morals and most importantly God… that is MURDER.. and the worst kind.. ABORTION. That is a rea problem that should unite us all so we can put an end to it.

    Amy Z.

    • Keep your liberal theolgy hidden in the heap where it belongs. Not only is it immoral to have sex with ones kind it’s anti-science and anti-propagation.The Bible isnt the only one telling you that youre wrong sweetheart it’s science as well.Surely you are blind. You view the truth against homosexuality as filth and the filth and evil of homosexuality as cleanliness. What a terrible tragedy!
      Have you not understood how vile and filthy the act of homosexuality is? Do you not perceive the need for personal hygiene? Wouldn’t a hygienically conscious male consider a female to be very filthy if her vagina was filled with excrement and he got it and its stench on himself during the sexual act? That is how filthy the act of homosexuality is, even when it is performed by senators, congressmen, doctors, attorneys, newspaper editors, teachers, celebrities and etc. Homosexuality is an extremely filthy act regardless of who performs it.
      Homosexuals also perform oral anal sex. That is even more unclean! By doing so, they ingest human feces. Don’t you understand how filthy human feces is? It can carry all kinds of terrible diseases, including typhoid, cholera, amoebic dysentery, the Aids virus, hepatitis A, worms, bacteria and bowel inflictions. Who but nasty totally depraved maggots enjoy having colon or anal sex even when they know they will get feces, its stench and bring its diseases upon themselves!
      Not only is the act of homosexuality physically filthy, but it is also morally filthy. So why do you say that anyone who opposes homosexuality speaks filth and you do not regard the act of homosexuality filth? Your sympathy for homosexuality proves you to be a very filthy person.

      • Amy Says:

        i refuse to keep my opinions to myself. The hygine ? i mean sex between a man and a woman isnt so clean either. You are only bringing up the physical. Iam against those people that claim to be gay or “Turn” gay just for attention or because they are curious. There are a lot of people that cannot find any explanations to why they are homosexual. Who are we to judge ? We are all humans. We are not perfect and we shouldnt judge anyone no matter how horroable there acts are or have been. Only God can do that. I say you should accept these people. Meaby in your views its not morally right, but its not hurting anyone. A lot of people who are gay dont want to be ! They are already sad and confused so why make their lives even more miserable. In your beleifs homosexuality is wrong, but it is also wrong to hate.

        I think its time we should ALL concentrate on something even more serious and that it is oviously immoraly wrong.

        I will repeat this. ABORTION.

        please turn this hatred you have for gays into Love for those innocent babies.
        Don’t hate the mothers. Love them.. offer them your support to make the better choice please.

        The hatred you should have is for this horroable act of murder not people.

        “Love thy neighbor as thyself”-God

      • Leviticus 20:13 ) “And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

  3. Amy Says:

    We cannot condem homosexuals to death.. If it’s so wrong than let’s leave that up to God.. violence and hatred won’t fix anything.. Just because someone has a certain sexual preference doesnt mean that their necessarely bad people .. What we need to do is change that hatred into love.. I guarantee that will make a difference.

  4. Only once religion and people like YOU are gone, will our civilization be able to TRULY advance and reach its full potential!

  5. Amy Says:

    Once people accept eachothers differences this we as people will reach our full potential… hatred wont do that.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  6. Shadow Says:

    I stayed in that miserable, perverted lifestyle for 15 years like a fool. No one is born gay. We choose that lifestyle. Hollywood is making it look cool to be gay but underneath the gloss it’s a hideous, terrible lifestyle. Gays are promiscous, selfish, treacherous, chronic substance abusers and deeply unhappy. I knew from day one that I had stepped into the pit of hell but stubborn me just had to fullfill that dark curiousity. Now I know why the bible and God call it an abomination and the homosexual lifestyle is just that an ABOMINATION!!!! I’ve made a vow to God and myself never to go back to that lifestyle. I’d rather live as a celibate but i’m very open to marriage to a man if God sends me the right man who’d have to be a true man of God. I believe that hell is right and the rainbow posse is headed there in gasoline soaked shorts if they don’t change their ways. I’m just so ashamed that I ever was involved in that mess. Thank goodness we have a forgiving God. Amen

    • I am a bit confused to the point of almost being suspicious about your post. In on breath you call it an abomination and in another you state that “i’m very open to marriage to a man if God sends me the right man who’d have to be a true man of God.”
      Please clarify. If you refuse then I know where this post comes from and will be removed immediately.

      • Shadow Says:

        What do you mean your suspicious as to my post? I am simply a single 44 year old female that was an avid participant in the gay lifestyle and i’ve let it go and asked God to forgive me for ever getting mixed up in it and I was saying that If God were to send me a nice Godly man and we were to date and fall in love etc. then I would be open to marriage. A HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE. I’m not getting your suspicious nature. Who or what do you think I am? Oh and for your information God/Jesus does’nt hate homosexuals. He hates the lifestyle the person is indulging in NOT THE PERSON! Yes if the person continues in that sin then they will have to be judged and pay the penalty for their sin.Fortunately he is a forgiving God and if a person will repent and ask him for forgiveness and turn away from that lifestyle as well as all the rest of the thousands of sin’s out there then God will forgive. If your supposed to be a christian then shame on you. The apostle Paul was a devout Pharisee and yet Jesus called him on the road to Damascus to become a servant of Christ. There were Christians that were suspicious of him too because he used to be a Pharisee and a hater and killer of Christians. Well used to be means just that- used to be. I think you owe me an apology my so called brother or sister in Christ. I am rather angry over your post but i’ll be ok.

      • I had no idea you were female.
        Please accept my apology and I hope that God continues to bless you.

  7. Shadow Says:

    P.S. If you’d like to remove my posts then knock yourself out. I thought you had some of the most accurate things to say that i’ve ever read in regards to homosexuality from a biblical perspective. Then I write a comment which was true and heartfelt and you get all J.Edgar Hoover on me. No offense but Christians like you who may mean well sometimes get a little self-righteous and holier than thou and you say things that send people running to the arms of false religions that worship false Gods/deities. That’s why so many people are swallowing the doctrine of demon’s these day’s like never before. I just can’t believe you. Go pray or fast or something. Better yet ask God to give you the gift of discernment because if you had it you would have never made that comment and had your ridiculous unfounded suspicions about me.

    • Overview of Leviticus 20:13:
      This is almost identical to Leviticus 18:22. In transliterated Hebrew, the verse is written: “V’ish asher yishkav et zachar mishk’vei ishah to’evah asu shneihem mot yumatu d’meihem bam.” However, it adds a compulsory death penalty to the participants. In various translation the passage has been translated:
      ASV: (American Standard Version, 1901) “And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”
      And demons exist.
      Enough said.

  8. Shadow Says:

    I thank you and your apology is accepted. Please except mine as I can be a be a bit sensitive sometimes. I gotta work on that. I’ll never forget a gay party I was at in 2004. I had to get something off a table wear a lesbian was sitting and and I looked at her and her eyes were jet black, no white around the pupils and she moved back from me like she was terrified of me. I knew this a demonic manifestation and she recognized some remnant of God in me even in my severely backslidden state considering I was indulging in the same behaviors as she. I knew in my heart that this sexual practice was’nt my true nature. I do need your advice though. Although i’m not participating in that lifestyle and I will not associate with someone that i know or suspect is gay, well i have dreams sometimes that i’m still participating in that lifestyle. I’m not going to lie it crosses my mind sometimes. This is a process and that is a tough demonic spirit to wrestle with but i choose not to go back there. I know that it’ll get better and easier with time but how do i clear this 100% out of my mind? Do you think i should do some intensive fasting and praying/renewing of the mind etc. I ask God to protect my subconcious mind when i go to bed at night. I don’t like dreaming about that subject period. I just don’t want people to think that poof your cured. You have to work at this like you work at maintaining your weight and marriage etc. What do you have to say. Oh yeah your post about a hygiene/disease and how a clean heterosexual man would’nt get with a woman who had excrement in her vagina but a gay man would have anal sex with a man was buck wild and hit like a ton of bricks. The truth cuts like a 2-edged sword and that was like fresh razors on a turbo charged fan blade.

    • First off, the holy spirit now dwells inside of you, and is protecting you. Once God has you he never lets go.Your dreams are part of being human. It is our lowest nature. I too have lustful urges sometimes and pray intensely for God to let them pass and they do. I also remove myself from that environment. There is no “perfect in this world. Your carpet is not perfectly clean. Your face is not perfectly symetrical.Keep this in mind. Fasting is an excellent way to get your answer.Pray and read everyday. I speak to God as if he were my father and not some diety waiting to burn me to a crisp. I suggest that you do the same. Yes God does love the homosexual but he also hates the act. There are no blurs between those two lines so I realize that it must be very hard be live that un-natural lifestyle.If it were scientifically correct then the world would be devoid of life and the Earth would never of had a history as well.

      • Shadow Says:

        Your right. It is hard to live in that lifestyle because it’s unnatural. There are different levels in that life. Alot of gay men love singing in church choirs and being choir directors because they still on some level have a desire to be close to God and loved by him and I think they know the lifestyle is wrong.Whether they’d admit it or not is a different story. The hard core homosexual disapproves of the so called bi-sexual because they don’t feel your totally commited to the lifestyle. Your straddling the fence. They want you lock, stock and barrel. Being gay is’nt just the physical act of sex with the same gender. It’s a mindset that is very bizarre. I participated in the sex part but never developed the mindset thank God. I never believed the lifestyle was right and I never believed that people were born gay. I’ve met countless homosexuals and they are genuinely miserable. Most are very promiscous,judgemental, abusers of drugs and alcohol, violent,materialistic, a desperate need for attention, moody and emotional,narcissitic-I mean a level of selfishness that is intense and avid troublemakers. In every relationship whether lesbian or gay male one person plays the masculine role and one plays the feminine role. It’s a total counterfeit of a heterosexual relationship. An interesting fact is that almost every woman I got involved with told me they had been sexually abused or raped in their early years. Alot of men told me the same thing. I know those experiences helped to plant a seed for the behavior to develop. I went to gatherings at gay clubs and hung out with them and all that. I can’t say that I was ever totally comfortable with these people because at the core me and them were not the same even though I was doing alot of the same things they were doing. They knew it too or should I say they knew something was very different about me. I could tell by the way they’d look at me and respond to me. I was never totally accepted by them. I always said I was a bible believing person and that did’nt go over well with alot of them. They’d say the bible was written by homophobic men and God created them like that so he’s cool with the lifestyle and he’s all warm and fuzzy and sunny. Others have embraced bhuddism and religions that are tolerant or even promote the lifestyle. I started finding out in my travels that alot of them are into the occult and call themselves practicing witches. It intrigued me that the rainbow is the symbol that God gave to say he’d never destroy the earth again as in Noah’s day. They have adopted that as their symbol. Strangely I was’nt just participating in the lifestyle, I was deeply studying it. Dissecting it and analyzing it at the same time. I think I have a radically deep understanding of the subject from my experiences. I have read the entire bible several times and I know why God views it so negatively. One day i’d love to right a book about the subject from a biblical view as well as my personal experiences. I imagine many of them would want to assasinate me for exposing the lie. Fortunately for me if I did that I would’nt be afraid nor bite my tongue as i’m a bold person. Of course I might have to hide in a cave and pray the 23rd and 91st psalms periodically. Be blessed my friend.

  9. Shadow Says:

    I have’nt seen any new posts on the website lately. I hope my comments have’nt scared anybody away. Gee Whiz

  10. Amy Says:

    I know that some people are born like that because like you know many people who claim they aren’t gay because of that reason I know people who claim they are gay because of that. I also know gay people who are perfectly happy with their lives..ALL people suffer .. they dont have to have a specific sexual preference to suffer more.. the only thing that bothers them is the rection and ignorance from homophobes. I do admit something .. I personally don’t like how some homosexuals protest.. for example exposing nudity or promoting sex.. not all gays protest like this but the mayority do and that’s something that I dont find right.. I have NOTHING against gays.. nothing … no matter the circumstances… they are PEOPLE.. and they should never be hated.

    • Nothing but the evil should be hated. Homosexuals are not evil. They are sinful. There is a difference. I don’t like their lifestyle as it goes against nature and what God intended. It is a choice. If the entire world were srictly Homosexual and Lesbian, then life would perish on this Earth. That’s enough scientific evidence for me.

  11. Amy Says:

    Ok then.. I know people who decide to be like that..and i know people who dont ..There is stories on both sides.. I decide not to judge..

    but Ok i respect your opinion.

  12. John Says:

    Homosexuality is legalised sexual abuse.

  13. Leviticus Says:

    I strongly agree that homosexuality is legalised sexual abuse and it is just sickening how it has started spreading like a disease throughout legislations in some parts of our American nation. It is the main reason why I was supporting Mitt Romney, so that I could have a hope to see an amendment made to the constitution of the United States legislating that marriage is only legal between a man and a woman. It sickens me that there are so many abusive single women and gays who are crying out that are being victimized everytime we (the natural family oriented types) stand up to protect conservative values. I really want to see something happen across the whole country and the whole world in order to fix this rampant illness amongst whichever nations in which it has taken hold. If this disease continues to take root and if nothing is done to stop it then it will rot out everything that it touches.

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