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The atheist brain and how to reason with it

April 17, 2007


As one can see from the diagram of the brain on the left of that of the anti-theist that it is rather shallow and myopic.The care and feeding of them is rather easy if one knows the basics principles of care.

1.Don’t answer their canine sized questions because well……they have nothing important to ask, and will only follow up your answer by posing another unrelated question in a futile attempt to play mind games with someone.

2. DON’T GET GANG-RAPED Never attempt to debate several atheists at once. Pick the strongest buck in the herd, and take him down !

3.It’s critical for the argument to stay focused. This is impossible when you’re replying to more than one anti-theist at the same time on the same topic. Ignore other would-be participants, and concentrate on one god Hater.

4.SET RULES BEFOREHAND Don’t just drift into random debates with atheists. They’ll switch topics on you constantly as soon as they start to lose an issue !

5.Establish from the start what the debate is about, then keep discussions focused on that one thing with a view to clearly winning the point.

6. DON’T ALLOW “PROOFS” NOT IN EVIDENCE Require a source, and citation for every one of their contentions. Don’t let ’em get away with making bare assertions !

7.HAVE THEM MAKE THE CLAIM Atheists are good at shooting their mouths off. Let them make the positive assertion. That way, they have the burden of proof. Declare victory when they fail.

8. DON’T BE MANEUVERED Do not permit atheists to maneuver you into defending “Christian” positions you don’t believe in.

9.You do NOT have to defend everything everyone calling themselves “Christian” has done in the past 2,000 years !

10.You’re no more responsible to defend the bad behavior of ostensible Christians than the person you’re debating is for justifying the murders committed by atheist Ted Bundy.

11.And -if you don’t watch out- you’ll find yourself defending doctrines of The American Religion and other suspect sources. A militant atheist’s attacks will almost always presuppose you are a “Fundie”

12. DON’T ACCEDE TO REDUCTIONISM The anti-theist will attempt to make a premise of the idea that anything which can’t be viewed by a microscope or a telescope could not exist.Never tolerate this ! We’re talking metaphysics rather than physics.50 years ago microscopes couldn’t see sub-atomic particles. Doesn’t mean that sub-atomic particles didn’t exist …just that they couldn’t be seen before electron microscopes were invented.

13.Regeneration is the ‘electron microscope’ of things spiritual !