The gender of every person are immutable


God has created only two genders among mankind. He has also given each person a unique identity. The fundamental identity of a person goes beyond physical properties and is also spiritual – primarily related to the soul of a person. A mild to drastic physical change will change the physical appearance of a person, but can do nothing to alter his or her true identity as it is rooted to his or her soul. Not even the greatest physical change, which is physical dissolution, can do the same.

Therefore the true identity and gender of a person are immutable. There is nothing whatsoever that can be done to change the two. Once conceived in the womb, a person’s identity and gender remains the same forever because his soul lives forever.

Since a person’s gender is part of his or her immutable identity, no person’s true gender can be changed. And since a person’s gender is united to his immutable identity and his identity goes beyond physical properties, then any physical changes he undergoes, be they mild or the most drastic, cannot alter the true gender of the person.

The principle of “physical change” is well known in the field of science. It states that physical change “does not affect the composition (identity) of a substance.” When you sharpen a pencil, the pencil undergoes change, but it has the same composition or chemical properties. Even when a substance changes state, such as becoming a gas or liquid, the composition of the substance does not change.

So-called “educated” people are thoroughly familiar with these facts, but it is only when they begin to talk about homosexuality that all common sense is lost and they begin to deceive themselves and the rest of gullible society. Even after a person dies, he is still regarded as “he” and she is still regarded as “she.” It is when people start talking about homosexuality do they start foolishly thinking a person’s real gender or identity can be changed.

There is an ultimate reason why the genders of humans are immutable. It is because every person must ultimately stand before the judgment seat of God to give account of his deeds in this world (2 Corinthians 5:10; Matthew 16:27). If a person’s gender and identification can be changed, he or she would not be the same person on the Day of Judgment and would not receive the proper recompense for his life in this world. A complete change of identity and gender would defeat ultimate justice. The fact that God is going to raise from the dead every person who will have died when he returns (Revelation 20:11-13; 1 Corinthians 15), and the fact that each person’s true gender and identity will be known by Christ in order that they may receive just eternal damnation or reward, shows that the gender and identity of every person of mankind are eternally immutable.

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