Those atheists say the darndest things


Kenny (From
Hi,I am a 13 year old atheist. The reason I am an atheist is because I’m being taught to be one by my atheistic parents, public school and the atheistic american constitution.
I am also being encouraged to be an atheist by my atheistic friends, atheistic sites on the internet, the stuff on TV, the movie industry, the music industry, the books I read, college groups and political special interest groups. All these teach me against all religions, particularly against the Christian religion.
Adult atheists will not admit it, but this is why I am such a diabolical kid. Atheism, which is really true satanism, prompts me to cause trouble. I cause a lot of trouble for my parents, and they are afraid of me. I deliberately make school hell. I like taunting and beating up on weak kids and Christian kids. I like giving the teachers and principal a hard time. They also are afraid of me. I like to make a name for myself among my friends so I do things deliberately to get in trouble with the law. I dare even law enforcement to apprehend me. Hey, atheists have fixed the laws of american in such a way that I am not afraid to do anything wrong. I can do anything and nothing will happen to me.
I can commit a crime right now, and I will be protected by the law. My name will not be released to the media. It doesn’t matter how heinous the crime I commit, nothing will happen to me. Atheists will come to my aide. I can murder and get away with it. Or I can choose a particular state in which to murder as many people as I want and get away with it. When I go to court I laugh at the court proceedings, the judge, the jurors and the victims’ relatives and friends because nothing is going to happen to me. Don’t you know who coined the words “No Fear”? It was an atheist! I’m not afraid because atheists have fixed it where I am safe from proper punishment.
Haven’t you heard the words “cruel and unusual punishment” in the American constitution? He, he, he. I can be as cruel to others as I want, but the criminal justice system is afraid to match the degree of my cruelty in punishing me lest it be called cruel itself. He, he, he! So I’m not afraid.
And haven’t you heard about the deep-pocketed atheistic anti death penalty special interest groups or the pope and etc… who will come to my aide. Even if I am given a measly life sentence, he, he, that means nothing. A gullible pardon and parole board will let me out of prison in 5 years to commit even more heinous crimes. And even while I’m in prison, I can murder, rape and move drugs while sleeping the whole time on a bed of roses with prison guards as my servants. The constitution and the laws atheists have made in pursuance to it will be with me protecting me.
Let me tell you man, this is why I am an atheist. Atheism is insurance when you do wrong. I admit that atheism is criminal, but it is also cool man!
He, he, he, he, he!

The APA also wants to take pedophilia off of the blacklist of psychological
disorders. You need to pick better role models to present your case.
And that should matter to me because pedophilia is still a crime whether
it’s a psychological disorder or not.
(Atheist) John M. Price, PhD.)
No, it is not a crime.,child molestation, rape, etc., however, are crimes.

“ogrillon” wrote in message…

Your prophet Marx was an avowed satanist – and for Satan, there is no better sacrifice than an innocent babe torn from mother’s womb.
And you were indeed serving your master well !

The total numbers of abortions worldwide:

U.S.S.R. 1957-1990 278,079,000
PR China 1971-1995 264,080,000
Romania 1958-1996 21,072,000
Vietnam 1995-1996 12,320,000
Yugoslavia 1959-1995 9,763,000
Poland 1955-1996 6,384,000
Hungary 1949-1996 5,310,000
Bulgaria 1953-1996 4,727,000
Cuba 1968-1996 4,327,000
Czechoslovakia 1953-1990 3,356,000
East Germany 1948-1989 1,714,000
Communist nations total:606,405,000
World total: 836,235,000

(Atheist) And what’s wrong with abortion? Isn’t it the safest and quickest way to heaven?If these Russians and Chinese were born, they would be raised as godless communists and after death they would go straight to hell.

You’re such a sorry little coward!

You’re not being honest with yourself. With all the recent hoopla about
“The Passion” I’m sure that you could tell me all about Jesus Christ and
why he was crucified. The bottom line that you arbitrarily choose not
to believe in Jesus. Your “referential value” is no more than
institutional sounding whitewash disguising the fact that you have
indeed chosen to reject Jesus as Lord.
Reject Jesus as lord??? I do more than that, I reject his Daddy.
But I thought you were an atheist, and that atheists cannot reject something that they don’t believe in?
See, you puny little insects have no one fooled, you all hate God and that is something every religious person knows.
Don’t even bother responding to this with your useless blather because you are the epitome of the typical atheist fool.

Here is a petition to stamp (chortle) out God ,and religion ,and best of all at last count there were only 944 signatures!

Okay, here’s your proof how moronic this fool is. He determines that I
(we) hate god because of such a posting? Um, sweetie, how EVER did you
infer that? No such words were uttered or implied. I hate ignorant
hateful morons like yourself, regardless of their religious affiliation.
But I see you keep sending me email even though I told you I wouldn’t
read it. And I haven’t. Delete, delete, delete. Nice waste of time — just
like the life you’re spending honoring a god that doesn’t exist. But
enough of that, darling. The FOIA request has been submitted and I’ve
already reported you to the ALPA with all the supporting documentation
which PROVES your FACTUAL violation of their Code of Ethics. You are a
shame to your profession. And how stupid must you be to boast about it on
your site. HUGE mistake. The site WILL eventually come down, as will
Author : Kelly (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :

Kelly | | IP:

I love the fact that I scared you senseless enough to change your settings to require your approval before a comment is posted. Why won’t you post my previous one? Um, you’re coward who can dish it out but not take it perhaps? Yeah, that’s it. Your job is mine. A hateful menace like you should not be allow to represent an airline and hold precious lives in his hands as he stews in his angst and hatred of atheists. Just remember that 1 in 10 of your passengers are non-believers, and some other percentage believe in a god other than yours. I’ve started an internet campaign to ensure that this problem is rectfied.

(Editors Note:This person is filled with such hate and spite that I’d hate to be the unfortunate person that marries here if she is indeed even a heterosexual.Some people are so unhappy, and consumed with hate, and vengence that they toss and turn all night devising ways to destroy others in their paths.These people truly need professional and spiritual help as Emails dictate.)


I recently sent CARM an email about your site. Since you link to them you must respect their opinion. I certainly do.
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 23:40:28 -0700
Subject: Re: Recently saved, now confused. Please help.
I can’t control what other sites do.

No, we don’t approve of that site. It is wrong and CARM is NOT affiliated with it.

Matt Slick
—– Original Message —-
From: Katrina Nelson <>
Sent: Thursday, June 7, 2007 12:02:53 AM
Subject: Recently saved, now confused. Please help.
Long story short. I’m recently saved and new to the Lord’s work. I’ve been using your website (among others) to prepare and equip myself and it’s proved to be an invaluable resource. While surfing for other apologetics sites I stumbled upon which oddly enough links to you. The man who runs the site is a despicable human being who spews nothing but hate under the guise of apologetics. Did you folks know/approve his linking to you? If you had any idea of how he disgraces our cause and destroys our credibility you’d be shocked and embarrassed. If this is what apologetics is about (slinging hate, telling lies, making asinine claims) then I want no part of it. Is CARM really affiliated with this person.  If so, shame on us all.
Katrina Nelson


Nice try posing as a Christian.The above post demonstrates the hoops you Anti-theists will go through to get your message of hatred out. You’re about as Christian as Hitler was. Can’t say that you havent tried though…weak but nevertheless a try…<chuckles>

Once outed then the pathetic God-Hating Moron replies

From: “Katrina Nelson” <>  
To: “Michael Lawrence” <>
Subject: Good morning, you gay little coward…
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 10:00:42 -0400

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#yiv1588390408 P { margin:0px;padding:0px;} #yiv1588390408 { FONT-SIZE:10pt;FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma;}…who’s too much of a pussy to take on a real Christian authority like CARM. Put up or shut up COWARD: Matt Slick at


Nunya Bidnit | | IP:

I read about you on some MySpace page posted by some guy who’s out to get you. The poor fellow is apparently wasting his time. This is quite obviously a satire website. Not very funny, I’d say. But it’s definitely a ruse.

Thank you for the compliment nunya coward.

Anytime I can get a God-Hater razzled enough to post here I know that I’ve sturck a chord.

Thanks for the input says the pimp to the hooker.

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15 Comments on “Those atheists say the darndest things”

  1. Justin Says:

    ‘Stupid boy’ was not the originator of ‘Boast of a 13 year old’, it appeared on Robert T Lee’s website in 1999 and is still there. Lee doesn’t cite a source or provide a link. He also said “Any kid that has the same or similar attitude of the one described by this 13 year old ought to be put to death immediately by the government”.

    Assuming this actually was written by a 13 year old, and not by Mr Lee (who, you must admit, has a very similar writing style), do you also support executing disturbed kids?

  2. ‘Stupid boy’ was not the originator of ‘Boast of a 13 year old’, it appeared on Robert T Lee’s website in 1999 and is still there. Lee doesn’t cite a source or provide a link. He also said “Any kid that has the same or similar attitude of the one described by this 13 year old ought to be put to death immediately by the government”.
    Assuming this actually was written by a 13 year old, and not by Mr Lee (who, you must admit, has a very similar writing style), do you also support executing disturbed kids?

    First thing first, and that is that your contention that the cite advocates the murdering of an innocent 13 year old boy is mysteriously missing from the post.Second, are you aware that your religion (atheism) has killed the equivelant of 1 world Trade center bombing a day X 10 years?
    And that includes women and children as well.

  3. disturbed Says:

    you know, maybe a little objectiveness will be good for this site. or do you know what that is. i don’t know a single atheist that would say any of that. from what i can tel, this is a view of an atheist based on your holy book, and not on real life. maybe you should get an actual quote next time.

    • Adam,
      The posters names are listed right there along with an Email or two.
      Been to alt.atheism lately?
      What a sorry bunch of rambling synchophants trying to pass themselves off as practical atheists.
      As a matter of fact, a true atheist is a rare occurence.

      • scott Says:

        Excuse me,but what is a true atheist? I consider myself and atheist,being that I dont believe in any form of diety or higher power. Just what is this forum about anyways?

  4. Giles Says:


    I’m an atheist. I cycled 1500 miles last month for a mental health charity – not to get into heaven, but because I deduced that they needed the money. I have a clean criminal record, I’ve never been arrested. I am educated, and can hold my own with any “christian” on moral issues.

    Sorry to ruin your stereotype.

    We have morals, you have bibles.

    PS. Go and f***yourself in a church, ignorant.

    psssst……your humanist love is showing.
    Ah the musings of a complete hateful moron trying to pass themselves off as a pacifist.
    If you indeed di bike it’s probably biked because you’re a patient.

    • Mike Says:

      Is this supposed to be a ‘stealth parody?’ I got the feeling that Giles is a fundamentalist Christian in disguise. Not that I approve of his tactics.

  5. Spencer Says:

    t’s amazing, in your mind, you can do or say no wrong. You’re always right and will never know defeat in a debate. I somewhat envy you.

    I can admit defeat in any debate if it is shown to me where I have failed, because I am far from perfect. I am just forgiven.

  6. Spencer Says:

    Really far from perfect 😉

    As I’ve said, “I am far from perfect.” I’ll tell you this though, I believe that I’ll make it to heaven one day, and I’m I’m even more convinced that you’ll have a snowballs chance in hell of even coming close unless something miraculous comes into your life and brightens your deadened soul. Personally I never wish anyone ever sees hell, but unfortunately many will. Good luck.

  7. Jeff Schlip Says:

    I use to believe there was no God, just like you. Then he changed my life and delivered me from a life of drugs, crime, immorality, and the like. The God that created all we see, desires to have a relationship with us, However he will not force his will on us. To assume there is no God. You have to believe that all we see on earth and space came from
    nothing. This takes more faith than I have to believe this. Also, the more a person trys to disprove, for example the resurrection of Christ, the more convinced you will be that it is true. If there is no God, than life has no purpose or meaning.
    Please wake up from your Satan enduced coma and find the truth, as so many have before you. And you will find purpose and meaning in this life.

  8. Jesus Says:

    Good Good let this worthless thread die!


  9. Jatheist Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Committing crimes and other atheists will come to your aid? They’ll protect you? Shelter you? Interesting. That’s exactly what the Catholic Church did with it’s child-raping representatives to maintain it’s own integrity as a religious institution. And what’s this “we atheists are secretly into satanism” rubbish? If you don’t believe in a god then I would assume you wouldn’t believe in a ruler of hell.

    Let’s not take these fairy tales too seriously and the extremists that are anti-atheist. That’s like an extreme group of astrologers lashing out at people for not believing in their horoscope. Atheism is not an organized belief system, so don’t act like it is. And if you’re that set on your own personal religion maybe it’s time to build a website honoring that religion instead of pretending atheism is a religion and dedicating a website to bash it. You want to talk morality? Because that isn’t a very moral way of approaching your eternal salvation. It’s disgraceful, even for a religious organization.

  10. Anon Says:


    a real hater

  11. Anon Says:

    Check out this loser kid:

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