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Militant Anti-Theists all work from the same script

April 17, 2007


Militant ant-theists pretty much all work from the same script.Although viewing themselves as “free thinkers”, they all have a Party Line that they follow rather closely.It isn’t difficult to anticipate their arguments on any given point. Most intelligent religious individuals almost always can correctly predict what they’ll say next.Interestingly, militant atheists get much of their beliefs about “Christianity” from liberal Christians.They’ll pejoratively label all Christians as “Fundies”,then presumptively attack liberal theological conceptsthey suppose us “Fundies” subscribe to !Nearly all militant atheists are followers of the religion of Scientism. Their priests wear white lab coats. Their sacramental objects are the microscope,the telescope, and the test tube. Blasphemy is to deny the ultimate authority of science.But the militant atheists -the ones who have devoted their lives to refuting Christianity- are almost like the demons …who believe more firmly in God’s existence than do Christians !It can unequivocally be stated that militant atheists are some of the people who most solidly believe in God !Ain’t talking ‘practical atheists’ here …those who don’t even think much about atheism. They’re the true atheists.Professional atheists who’ve dedicated themselves to eradicating the Lord do so because they hate Him.They’re the God-haters.To which they’ll invariably reply: ‘How can we hate something we don’t believe in ?’.Exactly ! It’s their belief in God which drives them to relentlessly attack Him.Run of the mill, everyday ‘practical atheists’ don’t give God a second thought. They’re the ones I worry about.Whereas militant atheists are fighting against the innate knowledge of God suppressed in their hearts.As a militant atheist I can unequivocally state that there is no time in your life that you totally disbelieved in God. And -in fact- were driven to work against the Lord by belief in Him !It isn’t that militant atheists don’t believe God exists. Instead: That they don’t want God to exist.