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The Carrion lovers of society

April 17, 2007


One basic principle about carrion lovers is that the unclean is clean to them.
While traveling on a certain highway the other day, I saw two DOGS consuming the remains of a well-rotted deer carcass.
Now dogs have a very keen sense of smell. But the stench of well rotted carrion doesn’t bother them.
Dogs and all carrion consumers aptly typify atheists and all non believers in God. They are the carrion lovers of the world. The unclean is clean to them. They are not repelled by any of the moral carrion in the world. They are the dogs, buzzards, possums and maggots of the world. They cannot smell the foul stench of pornography, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, abortion or sin of any type, but feel it is their right to practice such.