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Anti-Theists and the Don Quixote Syndrome

April 17, 2007

dq.jpg Why do you spend so much time attacking something that you claim to not believe in?We are not stupid you know.Don Quixote attacked windmills because he thought that windmills were his enemy, yet those very same windmills posed no threat.You have what we call the * Don Quixote syndrome.*You are defending yourself against invisible enemies and that is because you think they exist.You hate God and Christianity and that’s what drives your incessant attacking of the two.My friend, you are the one with the IQ of 2 if you think we don’t have your agenda figured out lock, stock, and barrel.You’re about as transparent as glass.You’re not an atheistYou’re not even an agnostic.You’re a militant God hater that fears God and would rather spit in his face than acknowledge his sovereignty.Your father is Satan and he speaks through your black heart.If credibility is what you desire then admit to the obvious.You hate God and you hate Christians.You know,”those invisible enemies.”