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The high unintelligence of atheism

April 17, 2007


GOOD MORNING CLASS: At this moment, I would like to have you to visit alt.atheism. As you know, each time I have had you visit this news group, it was for the purpose of conducting an experiment to prove a point about atheism. In every case, the truth and point I wanted to make were proved overwhelmingly by the responses everyone of the atheists gave.One experiment was designed to prove that atheism is not about proof but is about rejecting certain fundamental truths. I asked the atheists who believe in abortion to *prove* that human embryos and fetuses aren’t human. Over the course of a weeks time, you observed some of the most ridiculous and insane responses. Not even the most so-called “educated” respondents provided the least proof. Another experiment was designed to prove that the most educated atheists aren’t really intelligent. In order to prove that truth, I asked only the most educated atheists to respond to my post. All I simply asked the atheists to do was to prove that there is nothing that is eternal. However, the responses you observed were the most unintellectual you have ever read. They ranged from cursing, name calling, cynicism, mockery, the posting of pictures to ridicule and etc. There was not one intelligent response from any of the respondents.

Now if you will, look at alt. atheism at this moment. Note the many unintelligent subjects in the headers of each post. Try also reading the content of the various posts. All of them manifest the deepest of unintelligence. Most are pure senselessness and vanity. All basically manifest a hatred for God and true Christianity and etc. If God’s existence is no more than the tooth fairy’s or santa clause’s, why do atheists put so much time, effort and money into trying to disprove God’s existence? None of them are doing the same for the tooth fairy.

The web sites that atheists have placed on the internet also manifest the unintelligence of atheism. Note all the unintelligent names of the sites. Note also the unintelligent content of those sites.

When anyone note the content of atheistic news groups, atheistic web sites and all other atheistic material on the web and in the world, no person in his/her right mind can conclude that atheists are truly intelligent people. The only way anyone can conclude that atheists are intelligent people is to use the twisted and unintelligent logic of atheism.

So tonight, I decided to do a quick search for “Unapologetic Atheist” to see what I could find. I kept coming up with these stories about a guy who is HIV+ and having sex with women – 4 of them – and knowingly exposing them to the virus.