Atheists – The biggest fools on Earth


By Robert T. Lee

In the above articles I’ve presented some evidence that shows that even when one foolishly assumes that the TEN COMMANDMENTS were authored by a human, atheism, by virtue of its rejection and enmity against the TEN COMMANDMENTS cannot elevate itself to such a noble height to author such decorous laws as “Honor your father and your mother,” “You shall not murder.” “You shall not steal,” and etc. Since atheism is hotly opposed to the TEN COMMANDMENTS and in order for the TEN COMMANDMENTS to have been authored by a human, it would would have require a more sensible, noble and wise human than even the most highly “learned” atheist.

The COMMANDMENTS I presented in the above paragraph are just three of the latter six of the COMMANDMENTS which atheism could not have authored. But there are TEN commandments. Since atheism could not have risen to such a level to author or appreciate any of the latter six of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, it is no wonder that atheists can’t understand that God exists — which pertains to the first four of the commandments. That is, atheism, by virtue of its inability to author laws on a lower noble level that pertains to the welfare of mankind, could not have risen to a higher level to understand the existence of God so as to devise laws in honor of mankind’s Creator.

These facts explain why atheists interpret the Bible as they do — as a volume of “babble” and full of nonexistent contradictions. Atheism is not elevated enough to allow even its most educated subjects to understand the Bible. Therefore the Bible puzzles them as calculus puzzles the dimwitted.

Atheism make dimwits of all its subjects and makes the most “learned” or “educated” more dimwitted than the ignorant. Not only does atheism prevent atheists from properly understanding the TEN COMMANDMENTS and the Bible, but it prevents their minds from being elevated enough to understand the simplest common sense facts.

For example: It is the educated atheist who get the roles of males and females mixed up, and who think homosexuality and lesbianism are normal. It is the atheist who can’t tell whether a human is human while he or she is yet in the womb. It is the atheist who gets justice mixed up and who thinks the innocent human embryo and fetus should get the penalty of death and the criminal murderer ought to get life for his death worthy crime. It is the atheist who thinks the terminally ill ought to receive the sentence of death for their noncriminal sicknesses. It is the atheists who condemns the righteous and exonerates the wicked. The list of examples can go on and on.

When you talk with atheists, agnostics or any unbelievers in the true God, you are talking with some of the biggest fools on the face of the earth. The atheist is like one who plucks out his eyes and then tries to see. He is like one who closes his ears and then tries to hear. Alas, how true it is that the so called “educated” atheists are the biggest fools on earth!

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11 Comments on “Atheists – The biggest fools on Earth”

  1. Spencer Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog a bit lately. I noticed you hardly ever give evidence backing your claims or respond to questions challenging your faith. Here I am, I do not believe in a god. I acknowledge the possibility of one, but possibility does not constitute existence. I hereby challenge you to an honest, straightforward debate as to the existence of your god. I’m giving you a chance to prove to me his existence in exchange for a chance to disprove him to you. I will hear out your arguments and be as fair as possible in my replies provided you do the same for me.

    Since the main argument Ive seen here against atheism is its lack of an origin I shall open with a rebuttal to that point:

    You state that atheism cannot have originated by man because there is no single person with whom the idea has originated with.
    I agree that no single person is responsible for atheism. The reason being that atheism is a negative belief. It is not a set of beliefs but rather a disbelief in a god. Skepticism needs no origin as it isn’t a belief. Atheism is simply the default position a person must take up if he doubts all views of god.
    Atheism is not a belief but a lack thereof.
    People are not born believing in God, but do so once they’ve been indoctrinated by others.

    If i may turn this the other way now. Christianity does have a definite source as well as people of origin. By your logic Christianity is man made. If it were true, would people world wide not become aware of your god on their own without scripture or teaching? Christianity should need no person of origin or

  2. Spencer Says:

    It seems my message got somewhat cut off. No matter, disregard the last paragraph, I find its best to argue 1 point at a time anyways.

    Though, I’m still waiting for you to address that 1 point.

  3. Spencer Says:

    Have you abandoned this website or shall I take your silence as a victory?

    You would’nt know logic if it slapped you on the side of the head with a lousy venn diagram.
    I am way out of your league, and beyond your comprehension. One must have an argument to argue. You’ve been covered already in “God-Hating 101” and now it’s time to move on.

  4. Spencer Says:

    I can’t seem to find this “god hating 101” you speak of. Please point me to it or restate the argument.

    Normally when someone ignores my points and insults me i simply leave the forum since they’re usually too stubborn to be convinced. But i find this to be more helpful to my cause than any christian who would logically debate me. While I cant convince you of anything, i can remain calm and logical while you avoid questions and resort to petty insults making you look like an ignorant fool to all who read this. You’re giving a bad name to Christians everywhere.
    Thank you so much.

    Calm and logical…that’s what I’m all about. I see many, many facts and no petty insults. I am a purveyor of truth and nothing more. Now before you take me on, it’s safe to say you’d better head over to and grab the latest uploads because you’re going to need all of the help that you can get.

    • Spencer Says:

      Alright then.
      I’ll restate my previous point, the lack of belief does not require a creator. If I stated that I could fly, people everywhere would be skeptical despite the fact that no single person authored the belief that I cant fly. Individuals tehdn to come to atheism on their own, not by conversion or indoctrination. To say this is a work of satan is a baseless assumption.

      8:01 restate my assumptions.
      The lack of belief does indeed require a creator. Back vs. white, creator vs. no creator.If I stated that there is a God, some people would be skeptical despite the fact that no single person can un-author the belief that there is a God. Individuals then can to come to theism on their own, not by conversion or indoctrination.

  5. Spencer Says:

    I see you cant prove me wrong there. I shall consider myself victorious.

    Restate your assumption.
    Then I’ll prove you wrong.

  6. Spencer Says:

    I can fly

  7. Spencer Says:

    I see you can’t disprove the claim that I can fly..
    Very well then, I’m off to mars!

  8. Flame Says:

    Homosexuals are normal, one of the only things you got wrong there. But as for anti-theists, yes, they’re morons.

    Homosexuality is wrong. But thanks for the comment and at least we agree onone thing. BTW I don’t despise homosexuals and wish them all in hell. On the contrary, I hate the sin.

  9. atheistnotsatanist Says:

    This is utterly ridiculous. Why is it that so much on this site seems to confuse atheism and satanism? I don’t HATE God, I just don’t think he exists. I don’t believe in unicorns, but I certainly don’t hate them. Most of this sounds like an angry, incoherent rant and some of the grammar is questionable. I’m an atheist, but I don’t take to the Internet attacking religious people, although frankly I do think that they are quite foolish. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, euthanasia, which is what I suppose you are talking about in your ridiculous rant when you say: ‘It is the atheist who thinks the terminally ill ought to receive the sentence of death for their noncriminal sicknesses’, happens when the ill person WANTS to die. So yes, I do support that. I think people should be allowed to die with dignity and on their own terms. Furthermore, this isn’t even the opinion of all atheists. Your sweeping generalisations astound me. Not all atheists support abortion. Not all atheists support euthanasia. As for the question of homosexuality, I completely support it. In fact, the backwards prejudice towards homosexuals by members of the church is one of my main issues that bothers me so much about religion today. Why do so many people choose to ignore other things in the bible:,_but_you_do_anyway ?
    Why the obsession with homophobia? Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t make it wrong. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. What happened to love thy neighbour?

    To conclude, I support your right to your views and admire your conviction but find this offensive and unnecessary. You should be able to put forth your views, but doing so in such an offensive manner is inappropriate and rude.

    Thank you.

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