8 defects in the evolutionary theory


The most serious defect in the evolutionary theory is the absence of
transitional fossils.
If life has always been in a continual stream of transmutation from one form
to the other,as evolutionists insist,then we should certainly expect to find
as many fossils of the intermediate stages between different forms as of the
distinct kinds themselves.Yet no fossils have been found that can be
considered transitional between the major groups of Phyla.
From the very beginning these organisms were just as clearly and distinctly
set apart from each other as they are today.Instead of finding a record of
fine gradations preserved in the fossil record,we invariably find large
This fact is absolutely fatal to the general theory of evolution.
Consider well these immense Gaps:
1. The imagined jump from dead matter to living protozoans is a transition
of truly fanciful dimension,one of pure conjecture which overlooks the works
of Redi,Spallanzi, and Pasteur,who disproved spontaneous generation.
2.There is a gigantic gap between one-celled microorganisms and the high
complexity and variety of the metazoan invertebrates.
3.The evolutionary transition between invertebrates and vertebrates is
completely missing.This is absolutely incredible since evolutionists propose
100 million years of developmental time between the two,which would have
involved billions of transitional forms,Yet,not one has ever been found.
4.The evolutionary advance from fishes to Amphibians is totally
nonexistent.The timeline allegedly took millions of years….(30
million)…and yet no one has been able to produce even one fishibian.
5.There are no connecting links between and the altogether different
reptiles.Seymouria has been offered as such a link,but it allegedly occurs
in the geologic column some 20 million years after other reptiles had
already appeared.
6.There are no transitional forms between mammals and reptiles.
7.There is no connecting evolutionary link between reptiles and
birds.Archaeopteryx was once highly acclaimed as such a link but has since
been acknowledged by Paleontologists to have been a true bird.
8.There are no intermediate fossils leading up to man from an apelike
ancestor.Fossil hominids and hominoids cited by evolutionists are actually
either fossils of ape or a man or neither.There is no valid Scientific
evidence to suggest that they are fossils of animals intermediate between
men and apes.

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8 Comments on “8 defects in the evolutionary theory”

  1. Gloria Says:

    I am a scientist (have been for almost 20 years) and a Christian and I agree with every word you write here. Thank you for putting it clearly

    Thank you for your kind remarks.
    Many Atheists, and God-Haters think that all Christians have low levels of intelligence.
    I was tested and I am considered a borderline mensa.
    In college they tried to indoctrinate me into the polluted world of evolution.
    Needless to say in spite of stellar grades my professor tried to find ways to fail me, or get me out of the class for challenging his assertions.

  2. David Says:

    I wonder how many defects there are in Genesis, the main one being man being created days after the creation of the universe. Any scientist could disprove that theory.

    Then what are they waiting for?

    • Richard Says:

      I disagree with this article, because it supposes that the so called transitional fossils are a proof for evolution.
      Show me the famous experiment when a soup of molecules arrange by themselves in a unicellular being. Then show me the famous experiment when a unicellular being evolve into a multicellular one. Show me the famous experiment of how a multicellular being evolve into another very different multicellular being. Show me all of these experiments and i will believe that evolution by chance is a viable mechanism (not that evolution occurred in the world).


      If you cannot show me the respective experiments, THEN EVOLUTION IS FAKE.

  3. […] this is a Poe, but I cannot quite be sure. As such, I’m going to explain a few errors in this post. The most serious defect in the evolutionary theory is the absence of transitional […]

    It’s odd…I have searched and searched for reasons to believe in Evolution. It’s like the Bible, I can’t find any errors in the Bible, but I find plenty in the skeptics. Now there is a poe.

  4. Dave Says:

    This page is ignorant. Lung fish.

    No where in the article does it mention lung fish.
    That is your own terminolgy.

    Translation: I cannot refute the evidence presented on this page so I’ll co-opt for ad-hominem attacks hoping no one will notice.
    Good Riddance,

  5. pat Says:

    plain ignorance and gloria, you are NO scientist or you would know about the MASSIVE evidence for evolution. transitional fossils between fish and amphibian: osteolepis,-(snip for redundancy)

    These transitionals only appear on blackboards where they can thankfully be erased. Created by indoctrinated scientists these are nothing short of a plea to scientism. With that being said give my the chemical equation for turning a rock into a human.

  6. Mark Says:

    I am just laughing!!! all those transitional fossils have been dis proven just go to http://www.plesiosaur.com/creationism/overcome_problems/evolution-disproved-011.php and http://www.darwinismrefuted.com/natural_history_2_06.html and

    Its time that these evolutionists get out of the dark ages and grow up.

    If you really want to find out the bottom line why people are so desperate to believe in the fairy tale of evolution then go here http://www.evolutionareligion.com

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