The Carrion lovers of society


One basic principle about carrion lovers is that the unclean is clean to them.
While traveling on a certain highway the other day, I saw two DOGS consuming the remains of a well-rotted deer carcass.
Now dogs have a very keen sense of smell. But the stench of well rotted carrion doesn’t bother them.
Dogs and all carrion consumers aptly typify atheists and all non believers in God. They are the carrion lovers of the world. The unclean is clean to them. They are not repelled by any of the moral carrion in the world. They are the dogs, buzzards, possums and maggots of the world. They cannot smell the foul stench of pornography, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, abortion or sin of any type, but feel it is their right to practice such.

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3 Comments on “The Carrion lovers of society”

  1. Atomic Kitties aka I am a fool Says:

    So let me guess: You believe in an almighty super being in the sky that is invisible and would like to torture you for eternity if you don’t?

    Let me guess, you believe we come from magical flying pigs,breathing mud,talking monkeys and thinking rocks right?
    That’s your religion.

    Tag Hagger is a homo had a drug-fueled orgy with some denver male hooker. Is that what you consider clean?
    Thousands of Catholic priests had been molesting children (all over TV last year). Is that what you consider moral?

    Ted Hagger was a lewd sinner posing as a Christian, and his punishment is going to be 10 times that of your sorry-assed blashemous self.
    As well all and any of the homosexual priests that hide behind the Bible will get their day of judgement as well.
    You don’t judge the scriptures.
    The scriptures are your judge.
    All of your straw man arguments will only get you eaten alive in here.
    Let’s discuss the real issue here.
    Your hatred for God and nothing less.
    With a stupid nym like atomic kitties I’m sure you can appreciate stupidity.

  2. Noxidereus Says:

    “All of your straw man arguments will only get you eaten alive in here.”

    I’m sorry, but the original post is nothing but an ad hominem attack utterly devoid of logic and reason. Based on that, it seems that you might not be in a position to criticize another’s argument.

    I also would like to apologize for your opinion. I realize that it is only an opinion, and nothing more nor less. The weight cannot be established due to omission of any facts. Perception is everything to the critic. Everything that is except fact based realization.

    Besides, how can you think it makes sense to dismiss examples that prove your premise wrong (that atheists are the sinners – rather than religious people) as being straw men? I hardly think that the author of this post could possibly eat anybody alive in a rational debate.

    Your “opine” is taken into consideration, but is sorely lacking any detail or validity. Therfore it has been filed under “Another useless anti-theist trying to pass themselves off as an atheist.”

    “Let’s discuss the real issue here.
    Your hatred for God and nothing less.”

    This is a good example of believing in the impossible. It seems obvious that you are speaking to an atheist. An atheist does not believe in God. How can one hate something that doesn’t exist? Do you hate Zeus?

    Real atheists don’t land on this blog purpsefully. I’ve yet to see it happen, but I am still wishfully hoping. It’s the “pratical atheists” that I worry about. The ones that don’t give God a second thought. You don’t fit the criteria for the real thing. You are in the anti-theist-God Hating Genre that often comes here.

    If you respond, I expect it will be just another series of ad hominems… the carrion of rational debate. Don’t you smell it?

    I sure can.

  3. godhere Says:

    Oh man this is classic. Real insanity like this site just can’t be faked. I bet god’s talking to him right now…..but which one?

    Take it easy there God Hater.
    Only the one God can secure you a place in the annals of common sense and lift you from the despair of stupidity. Your father Satan is very proud of you and loves it when you deny what you believe in.

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