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Atheisms absurd claims

April 17, 2007

nebraskaman.jpgThe Nature Of Life As Seen From Earth – Introduction: Life Forms on 8 Aug 2005)
Introduction: Life Forms During my time at school,, and studying old Greek and Latin at college, and was further limited to a ‘Time-Life’ book from the library, that explained, that”Life consists of molecules in the sea that have been hit, by accident, by lightning,”to combine into simple proteins which, by chance, combined into living cells which, “by an endless succession of chance occurrences, finally combined into human bodies.” The book had a painted picture of a sea, with lightning flashing above it. And that picture ‘proved the matter conclusively.’ One teacher at college knew it wasn’t true, but he did not dare to say anything when I mentioned that “proof:” Simple ‘accidental’ proteins would ‘accidentally’ – without any spiritual or Life Energetic cause or control – combine into extremely complicated, pulsating, living, moving cells. Again without any spiritual cause or Life Energy – ‘by accident’ – these went through such an incredibly complex process as cell-division. And they kept on ‘accidentally’ dividing and combining, till, by the laws of chance, there ‘accidentally’ appeared the most complex and organized thing you can imagine: An ape-like body.