Atheisms Nightmare Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias (full name Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias, born 1946) is an Indian-born, CanadianAmerican evangelical Christian philosopher, apologist and evangelist. Zacharias is a descendant of two rich religious traditions, first Hindu priests (of the Nambudiri Brahmin caste), and later as Christian ministers. In one of his lectures, Zacharias asserts that a Swiss-German priest spoke to one of his ancestors about Christianity, and thereafter that branch of the family was converted and the family name was changed from Nambudiri to Zacharias. The biography Zacharias offers about himself is that he grew up in a nominally Anglican household, and was an atheist until the age of 17, when he unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison. According to one of his books (Cries of the Heart), someone instructed his mother to read out the Gospel of John to him as he lay on a hospital bed in Delhi. Following that, he made the decision to become a Christian. He began preaching while still in his teens, and in 1974, shortly before the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia, he was sent there to minister to the people in the country. He was also sent to Vietnam during the Vietnam War to minister to U.S. soldiers.

Atheist Nightmare Ravi Zacharias 

Atheism is irrational 

 Establishing the existence of God


21 Comments on “Atheisms Nightmare Ravi Zacharias”

  1. Chris mankey Says:

    Wow, more mean spirited theist crap!Yay!

    First off atheists do not read these blogs.
    Only Anti-theists with hate in their hearts do.
    Pot,kettle,black as the old saying goes.
    Secondly,you are exactly what a recovering fundamentalist should not become: an anti-fundamentalist fundamentalist. Anti-theists (and I do not necessarily mean atheists here) are often what I call “dry fundamentalists“—folks who refuse to do the hard work of leaving the pain of fundamentalism behind, opting instead to get stuck railing against their past.

  2. Chris mankey Says:

    Awaiting moderation? Not surprising!

    These people here give every indication of being anti-theists, specifically anti-Christian/Hebrew God. They’re obsessed with theology. And they hate being called the God-haters they exemplify because that label indicates that God does exist.
    I notice they exhibit no hatred of any ‘gods’ or adherants of religions other than the Hebrew God either. You *never* hear them cursing out the Wiccans, Hindus, Buddhists, Voudouins, Satanists, etc. NEVER.
    They try to use the Hebrew Scriptures (a bizarre and self-contradictory
    technique ! ) to assert the Christian Scriptures are false. That
    really doesn’t make sense until you realize that the Hebrew scripture’s prophecies of God incarnating as the Saviour (which they work
    diligently and ineffectively to deny) is what really freaks them out.
    And the name that they try to convey themselves as – Intellectual Honesty – is so
    hypocritical.The vast majority admit that in common usage, the
    definition of atheist fits the usual dictionary definition, but they
    stubbornly insist they can redefine themselves. If that’s what they
    want, they should contact the dictionaries’ publishers and ask them to
    have the editors amend their work. And they will probably eventually do
    so; the meaning of words change over time; as of now, though, the
    standard definition of atheist, is not what they want it to be.
    Their hatred of God in Heaven who incarnated as Yeshuwa` The Messiah
    simply strengthens my faith, and has the same effect on many others, I
    When they start railing against belief in Allah, Shiva, Brahma, Satan,
    Buddha, the Goddess, etc., and calling that evil and insane, I might
    reconsider my opinion of their intent to simply wipe out belief in the
    God of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.
    Oh, and I found out, don’t call them children of the Devil – that
    really ticks them off, when they should just find that laughable – yet
    another bizarre and contradictory aspect of their atheism.
    Atheism deceives all its subjects. All atheists think in this deceptive manner. They think since they deny the existence of God, they cannot hate Him. But its really the other way around: they know He exists, that’s why they hate Him. It is true that you cannot truly hate someone who does not exist. However atheists rationalize that the only existence of God is the “false god” professing Christians have devised and that’s what they deny exists. It is true that false or nominal professing christians can devise false gods of their magination. However, the one and only true God nevertheless exists apart from any God of the imagination. It is this true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth – the God that is not a god of the imagination – whose existence atheists also deny, and it is this true God that they as well as all unregenerate mankind HATE.
    Oh yea before I go take note, they always spell God with a lower case g even though to be gramatically correct always requires a capitalized G when spelling God.
    Of course they don’t hate……..of course……

  3. nick lewis Says:

    When you find an old testament Hebrew Bible that states a specific name, date and time when Jesus is arriving, let me know. You can stretch Isaiah all you want, have Paul write about it being fulfilled, have the authors of the gospels say Jesus quoted Isaiah, it still does not change the fact that men wrote that crap, especially without any divine inspiration. Your math is as bad a Jesus’s three days, or was it forty-two hours?, or was it three stretches of sunlight, or Jonah’s three nights, hell even Satan’s editors would have fixed all the contradictions, and nonscience, except I bet Satan relished the fact that he actually couldn’t have done any worse than the authors that compiled that vile rubbish throughout the centuries. Amending work!, if the current whacked out generation of believers hadn’t let civilized men change or actually decide to not to mandate the following of so many silly customs and behaviors written in those myths of dead men, we’d be stoning to death thousands a day. What is also amazing is how you know this unknowable, invisible , never been proven to exist, unchangeable, universe creator. Just like Judas , God keeps dying two different ways, only one way can be the truth, and one way false, and without Judas dying, there would be an empty seat out of the twelve next to God, in make believe land. So enjoy your knowledge of the unknowable, knowledge of I admit I don’t know, but you profess to know through faith, which is nothing, which means you really don’t know either, in other words you are a Christian agnostic, sorry brother, I know it must hurt. You are as thirsty as the human Jesus that stopped at the well, you know that thirst?, the one that seemed to go away for forty days when he went to temptation mountain with the devil, but even that’s not even close to Moses’ eighty days without food and water with only a one day break, who’s the bigger MAN?, out of the two MEN?

  4. Dear. Mr God Hating Lewis,
    When you can give me the author of atheism let me know.
    We say it is your father Satan.
    Here is the way that atheists explain the world. Get ready for a good

    1. First, there was only random atomic motion of dead atoms. This
    continued for billions of yearsuntil….

    2. Somehow, in the pre-biotic soup of earth, some of these dead atoms
    magically sprang to life. The dead chemicals of the pre-biotic soup
    somehow sloshed around, and magically constructed the 3.5 billion
    base-pairs of the first DNA strand.

    3. But simply constructing the first DNA strand was not enough. Because
    at precisely the same time, the necessary enzymes for DNA replication
    also magically appeared.

    4. Not only that. For some unknown magical reason, the first DNA strand
    suddenly decided to replicate it’s own complicated double helix
    structure. Even though the Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen atoms
    that DNA is composed of is PRECISELY THE SAME as any other dead
    atoms….. nevertheless, for some magical reason, the first DNA strand
    decided to replicate it’s own structure.

    5. This first DNA replication, conducted by recently dead atoms,
    involved all the inherent morphological difficulties that would be
    expected when you have to spin and unzip 3.5 billion base pairs. But
    somehow, it all happened, as if by magic.

    6. After the first DNA strand magically felt the need to replicate
    itself, this replication continued for billions of years. It is
    important to realize that the whole show is being conducted by the VERY
    SAME ATOMS that were originally dead and non-living. So these dead
    atoms were magically replicating DNA structure for no good reason.

    7. But it gets better. After magically replicating DNA for awhile,
    these very same dead atoms magically became aware of their own
    existence. (the appearance of the first human brain.)

    8. After magically becoming aware of their own existence, these dead
    atoms went on to invent all kinds of technology, including the internet
    and the newsgroup “”

    9. These very same dead atoms are, at this very moment, causing me to
    type this posting. And they are causing you to read it. Because
    according to atheists, the human mind, and in point of fact the ENTIRE
    HUMAN RACE, is nothing but a complicated arrangement of dead atoms.

    10. There is some humor for you! Now go pray to God that you are never
    such a fool as to believe in that hogwash.

  5. nick lewis Says:

    1. Dust was prior man
    2. Unchanging God thing sprang to life
    3. Four aces in poker happen?, odds, odds, odds, somehand combo always happens
    4. Some unknown magical reason? must be named God
    5 Magic happens and is performed everyday, thank you for reminding us
    6. Mr. Perfect circle felt the need to change from perfect good, to create some bad.
    7. No good reasoning Mr. Perfect realized he just changed, but couldn’t, oops
    8. Now knowing his imperfections, Mr. Perfect feels he now needs days off
    9. Days off now include, ways to stay invisible and enjoy being imperfect
    10. His imperfection left him helpless in being able to destroy Adam and Eve, after the Fall, he did not have the creating power left to start over, oops he sure couldn’t help himself and leave , well enough alone, when he was just matterless, timeless, and nothing.

    • benny Says:

      3.Complexity of universe is more than 4 aces in poker.How much more? that homework is supposed to be done by you,Mr Lewis.plz tell the probability of the combo of “universe” happening

    • benny Says:

      2.sprang?? poor observation…God was always there !

    • benny Says:

      4.According to you must not be named God…so its assumed that u believe in “unknown magical reason” ?

  6. Edgar Allen Says:

    This blog is obvious POE — and not very well done at that. Way too over the top. Tone it down a bit Chucky and people might believe you’re legit.

  7. Dear Edgar or whomever you may be,

    No more over the top than your belief in talking monkeys,breathing rocks, and thinking dirt.

  8. nick lewis Says:

    Hey Stooge,
    I am still waiting for your erudite replies to my four comments last month. Has Jehovah brought you home to daddy? I see as of November 10, 2008 you are still writing in your own unique voice, almost burning bush type of style, talking ass style, serpent verbs and phoenix nouns so impressive.

  9. Hey Sputtering God-Hater,
    I have allowed you 5 minutes blogging privileges, so put them to good use. When you feel like the emotional anguish you’re suffering from at being a second string blowhard is too much for your uneducated God-Hatingself, or if the silverware is piling up too much during polishing day, put your phone time to good use and discuss your problems with a professional.

  10. Excerpt – Expelled No intelligence allowed.
    In an atheists world it’s understood that God had nothing to do with the origins of life on Earth. What, then, is the alternate explanation? Stein asks these experts, and their very serious answers are priceless. One theorizes that life began somehow on the backs of crystals. Another states electric sparks from a lightning storm created organic matter (out of nothing). Another declares that life was brought to Earth by aliens. Anything but God.

    The most controversial part of the film follows Stein to the Dachau concentration camp, underlining how Darwin’s theories of natural selection led to the eugenics movement, embraced by Adolf Hitler. If there is no God, but only a planetary lab waiting for scientists to perfect the human race, where can Darwinism lead? Stein insists that he isn’t accusing today’s Darwinists of Nazism. He points out, however, that Hitler’s mad science was inspired by Darwinism.

    Now that the film is complete, the evolutionist prophets featured in the film are on the warpath inveighing against it, and the alleged idiots who would lower themselves to watching it. Richard Dawkins laments how the film will solicit “cheap laughs that could only be raised in an audience of scientific ignoramuses.” Minnesota professor and blogger P.Z. Myers predicts the movie is “going to appeal strongly to the religious, the paranoid, the conspiracy theorists, and the ignorant —- which means they’re going to draw in about 90 percent of the American market.” Myers and Dawkins now both complain they were “duped” into appearing in the movie (for pay).

    Everyone should take the opportunity to see “Expelled” — if nothing else, as a bracing antidote to the atheism-friendly culture of PC liberalism. But it’s far more than that. It’s a spotlight on the arrogance of this movement and its leaders, a spotlight on the choking intolerance of academia, and a spotlight on the ignorance of so many who say so much, yet know so very little.

  11. nick lewis Says:

    Great to read your touching words, how have you and your mythical supernatural buddy been? Have you cozied up by the fire to read “The Shack” together? Why do I need to polish silverware?, I have about ten pieces of tableware that I eat with, none that would require polishing.

    • Know what’s amazing to me?
      How you synchphants can breathe hatred, and faux disbelief in God in the same breath with a straight face.
      Get over it.
      You hate.
      You believe more than I do, but you hate.

  12. Spencer Says:

    I find it amusing you all us all god haters and anti theists.
    I’d like to point out that i am not anti-god. I am anti-religion.
    I hope you can tell the difference.

    Sure can.
    One hates God, and the other one hates God as well.

  13. Spencer Says:

    I dont hate god. I dont know if it exists. I hate the christian god, the one who kills thousands, condemns us and demnds righteousness from us. I expect better from a diviner being. Im sure if there is a god, he finds your ideas of him quite insulting.

    First of all, you haven’t defined what evil is nor established a condition by which you can recognize it. Second, the Bible does not say God is all loving. If you are an atheist, you need to have the standard by which you can recognize what is and is not evil. You don’t have such a standard.The Bible does not say that God is omni-benevolent. God is also just, holy, righteous, et cetera. Whenever you exalt one attribute of God and say that that is all he is, you will end up with problems. All I am saying, is that without a standard (something more than your subjective opinion about what is and is not moral), you have no right to say what is and is not evil.

    • Spencer Says:

      Fair enough, lets say god is JUST. If you beleive that no man can come to heaven than by acceptance of jesus then everyone pre jesus went to hell. As did everyone who never heard of jesus, people who dont accept jesus, not because they reject him, but they follow a different religion and honestly follow another religion. These people dont reject him out of what you call “evil” They think trhey found salvation yes god condemns them. There are people in africa who have lived thier whole lives who never heard of jesus. If what you beelive is true, they are damned with no chance of salvation. Explain to me how this is just.

      First of all, you haven’t defined what evil is nor established a condition by which you can recognize it. Second, the Bible does not say God is all loving. If you are an atheist, you need to have the standard by which you can recognize what is and is not evil. You don’t have such a standard. The Bible does not say that God is omni-benevolent. God is also just, holy, righteous, et cetera. Whenever you exalt one attribute of God and say that that is all he is, you will end up with problems. All I am saying, is that without a standard (something more than your subjective opinion about what is and is not moral), you have no right to say what is and is not evil. What standards you have to judge what is and is not evil?

      There are many religions in the world. They do not all teach the same thing. In fact, many of them contradict each other. So, they can’t all be true and it cannot be said that each is a different path to God. What are we to say about all those other religions compared to Christianity? To get to the point, all other religions besides Christianity are false.
      If Jesus is who He said He was, God in flesh, then whatever He says is authoritative and true. He said that He was the way the truth and the life and that nobody comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). Right there we see that any other way, according to Jesus, is not true.
      Christianity bases its truth and its doctrine on the word of God, the Bible. In the Word of God, Jesus claims to be the only way. Since He performed many miracles, raised people from the dead, commanded a storm to be still and it obeyed, healed diseases, and rose from the dead, then we are forced to face the reality of His words. Is what He said true or not? Either Jesus is a liar, a lunatic, or He is Lord. No one else in history, except Jesus, has fulfilled detailed prophecies, performed many miracles before eyewitnesses, and risen from the dead. Jesus is unique.
      Those of us who are Christians, have trusted what Christ has said. We believe in what He said and did. Like it or not, Jesus is the one who said He was the only way. It is not the Christians who are being “narrow-minded.” It is Jesus. Therefore, to say that other religions can be true means that Jesus is false. To say that there are other ways to God, also means that Jesus is false. This is what it comes down to. Either Jesus is who He said He was and what He said is true, or He is false. This is the choice you must make: To trust what He said, or reject His words.

  14. Spencer Says:

    Youre actually debating, fun times. First of all, im using cristian standards for morality, (no killing, no stealing, love thy neighbour etc. I have been told by many Christians that god is omnibenevolent if you don’t believe this, then there’s no point in arguing over something we agree on.
    Now as for god being just, my point still stands, explain how it’s fair that people who have never heard of Jesus go to hell.
    And the classic Jesus argument, lovely. First of all the 500 witnesses mean nothing, heres why:
    Jesus’s resurrection proves the bible is true
    the 500 eyewitnesses prove Jesus’s resurrection.
    this would be a rock solid proof except the only proof that there we eyewitnesses comes from the bible making the whole argument circular.

    You are obviously either very stupid or very under-educated about the Bible and I have an answer to all of the issues that you raise here. But before I show you why I have those answers you seek, I want you to addess my answers to your original rebuttal point by point because I am not going to let you blindly lead anyone around by the tale let alone myself.My time is too valuable and I’m very astute to the tricks that you God Haters play. I’m waiting…tick tick tick….

    Well I’m waiting now…pick abart my prior answers to your alleged problems that I addressed in your last challenge. If you can’t or won’t do that then you’re a fake and I don’t treat human spam as real communication.

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