Atheist mass murderer worst in U.S. History




Va. Tech Gunman Writings Raised Concerns

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The gunman suspected of carrying out the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead was identified Tuesday as a English major whose creative writing was so disturbing that he was referred to the school’s counseling service.

News reports also said that he may have been taking medication for depression, that he was becoming increasingly violent and erratic, and that he left a note in his dorm in which he railed against “rich kids,” “debauchery” and “deceitful charlatans” on campus.

Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior, arrived in the United States as boy from South Korea in 1992 and was raised in suburban Washington, D.C., officials said. He was living on campus in a different dorm from the one where Monday’s bloodbath began.

Police and university officials offered no clues as to exactly what set him off on the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history.

“He was a loner, and we’re having difficulty finding information about him,” school spokesman Larry Hincker said.

Professor Carolyn Rude, chairwoman of the university’s English department, said she did not personally know the gunman. But she said she spoke with Lucinda Roy, the department’s director of creative writing, who had Cho in one of her classes and described him as “troubled.”

“There was some concern about him,” Rude said. “Sometimes, in creative writing, people reveal things and you never know if it’s creative or if they’re describing things, if they’re imagining things or just how real it might be. But we’re all alert to not ignore things like this.”

She said Cho was referred to the counseling service, but she said she did not know when, or what the outcome was. Rude refused to release any of his writings or his grades, citing privacy laws.

The Chicago Tribune reported on its Web site that he left a note in his dorm room that included a rambling list of grievances. Citing identified sources, the Tribune said he had recently shown troubling signs, including setting a fire in a dorm room and stalking some women.

Investigators believe Cho at some point had been taking medication for depression, the newspaper reported.

A service of the Associated Press(AP)

 Excerpt from a play written by Cho….



36 Comments on “Atheist mass murderer worst in U.S. History”

  1. Charles Jesus Says:

    Did I miss the part that says he was an atheist????

  2. Michael Says:

    It’s the old atheist mantra,you know…the one about the priest that you fools always use to make a weak case for atheism.

  3. D Laurier Says:

    Ok so based on a fragment of a badly writen play about beng adopted by a peadophile, You were able to conclude that a man who killed 32 people to become more like Jesus, (who he seems to have worshiped as a god)…
    … Was somehow an athist.

    How exactly does that logic work?

  4. Ok, I stand slightly corrected.
    He was one step away from being an Atheist.
    He was a delusional madman or better yet….a liberal.

  5. DA Says:

    If he was an atheist, then why was he comparing himself to Jesus in his manifesto?

  6. See my prior response.

  7. Patrick Says:

    So a Jesus-worshiping gun-lover is an atheist liberal in your twisted little reality? That tells us everything we need to know.

    So a lying,chattering monkey is all you’re capable of being?
    That tells us everything we need to know.

  8. Patrick Says:

    I’m sorry, do you believe that you are clever or funny? You’re a worthless, ignorant hack. It’s clear to me that when people like yourself have their own webpage, we’ve made computer and internet use much too simple.

    Thats because Ive done nothing but butcher people like you, and your weak arguments.Get the hell out. And be sure to take your swamp donkey family with you.
    Hugs and kisses baby

    • jayy p Says:

      thats right, attack his character because your argument is weak. point in fact, this man was not an atheist, but was in fact trying to be more like jesus… those are his own words

  9. camanintx Says:

    The only butchering I see here is in your imagination. You are almost as deluded as Cho Seung-Hui.

    Why bring your fellow atheist in the foray?
    I’ve already slapped you around enough, and I already told you, no rematches.
    Your ability to count up to 2 is quite impressive, and an ode to the Mississippi education system. Can you count to ten as well, or will that give you a migraine too?

  10. Matt Says:

    Interesting.You seem to lack any capability to defend your statements with any sort of actual evidence or factual basis. Instead, when cornered, you revert to name calling and general meaningless mud slinging – which really serves no purpose at all except to reveal that your arguments are essentially weak to begin with.

    There is no evidence in the article you present that the person in question is either an atheist or liberal. Indeed, the manner in which the person apparently identifies with Jesus and a possesses a love of firearms indicates that he is more likely some form of conservative.

    Well then. The troll kingdom retard is still running his feces-spewing lips in my general direction. Personally I’ve seen nothing impressive from any of you verbally crippled howler monkey, dropped into a basin of dog shit morons. Not a bit, and you’re not one bit different. Now little did I realize that when I rolled into the Drooling-Kingdom that you occupy.Howler monkey, that many many moons later a glassy eyed gimp would still be following the Peter Piper flute music I put on a loud speaker. And yet here you are, all newbied out and asking me to flame your uni-brow till it looks like a huge afro. So you banana riding crap-stain, what the hell you got?
    Cool, just know that if you give me a reason to, I’ll rip your stapled on bi-focals off your stupid looking face, and kick them down your throat.
    Now let’s assume you’re not wanting me to verbally attack you, and leave you crying like a little sissy faggot. I’m feeling quite generous. If you agree to rip up your Farrah Fawcet, Captain Kirk, and David Hasselhoff wall sized posters. Please also give your life size blow up doll of Ron Jeremy to goodwill, I’ll consider that as a repentence and leave you in 1 piece. It’s your call you pint sized dwarf reduced to a life of cheering up mental ward gardens with your bad landscaping skills.

  11. Matt Says:

    Fascinating. Thankyou for proving my point for me. Again, unable to provide any sort of point or argument to counter the one given, you fall back to insults and name calling. Which proves you to be, at best, a very poor debater and most likely quite ignorant on the subject on which you supposedly talk abouy.

    The next time you decide the waste your first day of a callout, at least show up with something better than that.
    You whip that up in like 30 seconds without even re-reading it before you hit submit reply? That’s your problem, I will assume you have this problem because you’re a worthless piece of howler monkey shit that wouldn’t know a logical argument if it hit you in the head with a lousy Venn diagram., you’re just another poor uneducated anti-theist with net access.

  12. Øyvind W. Says:

    Psst… lying for Jesus is still lying.

    pssst……I think the fumes from sniffing all of that glue are making your brain cells die.
    Until I saw your gaping mouth in this thread I figured you’d finally taken everyones advice and unplug yourself.
    Your delusions are even becoming confused.
    You’ll find a third, and a fourth religious forum to whore your fat ass around because we all know that you hate God, and you’ll do it all over again.
    …while people slash away at the lard you’ve allowed your head to swarm in.
    You’re becoming predictable howler monkey, but that’s alright, we all know that you lack originality anyways.
    … not that it mattered, I already know what a clueless God hating fool that you are.

  13. DoomRater Says:

    Congratulations! You’ve won a Screwball Award!

    What you mean is that I tell the truth, and you can’t handle that.
    Keep believing in your fairy tales of evolution, and talking rocks.
    I’ll stick with Intelligent Design.

  14. I am a moron Says:

    I had no idea that the ideas attributed to Jesus would lead his “follwers” to hate liberals. What did Jesus do that you would consider “conservative”? Love? I suppose so, in your case.

    Liberal is only a word created by modern day Political analysts.
    I had no idea that you “follwers” of anti-theism were so concerned.

  15. gonzo Says:

    your god is a killer an inslaver and an all out fictional being. grow up. assmonkey

  16. gonzo Says:

    that kid was sad weak and lost we all have the ability to flip out everyone is crazy he was raised crishtin aginst his nature know god no peace. p.s. you have a simple mind. whos the monkey?

    You should welcome thread input, there is no way you could ever keep this textual flat tire rolling without some needed horsepower…..Your brain runs far too lean.

  17. “your god is a killer an inslaver and an all out fictional being. grow up. assmonkey”

    Like a monkey petitioning to join a tribe you’ve come flinging your crapola and expecting hospitality. Have you consulted with the condo board’s directors on owning primates in the building? It might be helpful to lay down some money so they don’t have to worry too much about the various implicit liabilities. I can only imagine the consequences as passersby and vehicles are pelted with stool from the monkey on the fourth floor.Now…use your spell checker next time or suffer banishment from the Church of the Painful Truth.

  18. gonzo Says:

    gee im so sorry spell check nazi dont you have people to harass dore to door

  19. Andrew Says:

    The largest mass murder in US history was a religious act – the 9/11 attacks. Yay god!

    Oh you must mean the radical Islamists.
    Stalin, Pol Pot, and all of the other atheist monsters in history would have beem proud of radical anarchists like the Jihadists.

    • Andrew Says:

      In addition to which, there is nothing to suggest that the lunatic who slaughtered so many at Virgina Tech was in any way inspired or motivated by his atheism. However, there is no doubt that the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks certainly were motivated by their faith.

      Atheism has killed the equivelant of 1 world trade center per day for 10 years.
      That’s a fact.

      9/11 pales in comparison to the carnage that atheism has spread worldwide.

    • jayy p Says:

      communism does not mean atheism dumb shit… stalin actually kept churches open during his little reign.. do some research
      all youve done to counter any argument against youre stance is spew hate speech… sounds pretty christ like to me

  20. Tonya Says:

    Where exactly does it say that he was an atheist or that atheism has anything to do with his crime? I believe the problem is that he was extremely mentally unstable. He was violent and on medication for depression. Again, that has nothing to do with atheism. His mental problems were at the core of this, not his religious beliefs or lack thereof.

    Are you dense?
    Silly question, withdrawn…
    Do you need pictures to explain the history of atheist genocide?
    You wouldnt admit the truth if I slapped you in the head with a lousy venn diagram.
    Or are you doing what atheists do best, and that is being purposefully ignorant, and argumentative in the face of the facts?
    The truth is, you’re a dishonest individual who came in on another thread posing as a Christian.
    Stay off of my my pristine blog and head on over to your tooth fairy forum.
    You’re no longer welcome.

    • Andrew Says:

      Dear me Jay, you are terribly angry. It must be awful. Doesn’t your book tell you to love everyone, turn the other cheek, and forgive others for their transgressions? I have a lot of friends who are Christians, and they are all wonderful people. But the bile and spite I see in some of your posts is not what I equate with Christianity.

      Dear Dolt,
      I am here to discuss your hatred and denial for God and why you want to spread your venom in secular newsgroups.
      Let’s discuss that.
      If you don’t believe in God why are you here?
      Seems odd don’t you think.
      Only a rational person would see the oddity of someone attacking something that they profess to not believe in.
      And now for a little history lesson exposing your religion of atheism for what it’s worth shall we?

      Preamble to: THE FRUITS OF MILITANT ATHEISM in the new USSR
      By Brian Moynahan/The Faith: A History of Christianity/Doubleday,
      NY/2002/pp. 670-674.

      The unenlightened ego, with its drive to power and social control,
      has been problematic both inside and outside of religion. The
      preceding examples show the militant atheist ego at its murderous
      worst. They also reveal that religionists are not the only people who
      cower in the herd, as is shown by the Stalinists’ pathetic recourse to
      ‘atheist churches’ such as the LEAGUE OF THE MILITANT GODLESS
      and the Groups of THE GODLESS YOUTH, complete with ‘hymns.’

      = = = = = = = = = = = == = = == = = = = = = = == === = == =

      A decree in January 1918… banned religious teaching in all
      schools, colleges, and universities. All church buildings were taken
      by the state… Church and monastic land was nationalized. No
      compensation was offered for confiscated assets… Under the new
      constitution, the clergy – together with capitalists, criminals, and
      imbeciles – were deprived of the right to vote or hold state offices.
      In practice this denied the clergy the right to food rations and their
      children to education… the Orthodox Church was stripped of its legal
      privileges, its land, and its source of income…
      Calculated persecution returned after the Bolshevik victory in
      1921. Lenin sanctioned terror as a form of pesticide to be used on
      people whom he dehumanized as “harmful insects…scoundrel
      fleas…bedbugs”… Émigrés estimated that 1200 priests and 28
      bishops had been killed by 1923, and thousands of others, with monks
      and nuns, were deported.
      On Easter Day, 1925, the foundation congress of THE LEAGUE OF THE
      MILITANT GODLESS was held. Its duty was to eradicate religion through
      propaganda, pressure, and ridicule…
      The method that Stalin used to force the peasantry onto collective
      farms was terror-famine, and the result was a holocaust. Boris
      Pasternak, who made a trip to gather material on collectivization,
      found himself dumb with horror. “What I saw could not be expressed in
      words… There was such inhuman, unimaginable misery, such a terrible
      disaster, that it began to seem almost abstract, it would not fit
      within the bounds of consciousness.” Grain was confiscated from
      starving families to gain hard currency for Stalin’s industrialization
      program… It is probable that fourteen million peasants died…
      Communist activists led the grain searches, shot hoarders, and
      herded families onto deportation transports as a matter of dogma; they
      were pitiless, for dogma demanded “no concessions to
      rightist-deviationist attitudes” and “no pacifism.”…
      Terror, and scientific atheism, was also applied to the Church.
      Stalin introduced a Law of religious Associations in 1929 that banned
      churches from all work with children and young people. Churches were
      not allowed to organize reading rooms, libraries, excursions,
      children’s playgrounds, sewing groups, or bible readings; they could
      not sponsor sanatoria or medical care; their priests were forbidden to
      take part in any activity outside the immediate neighbourhood of the
      “prayer building,” the new name for “church.” An attempt was made to
      extinguish religion as a whole. The fury fell most harshly on the
      Orthodox clergy, but thousands of other Christian priests, Baptists,
      Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics,and mullahs and rabbis…were also
      persecuted… some were shot, though most of those arrested suffered a
      lingering death in the work camps of Siberia and the Arctic. Others
      lived on the run…
      Membership in THE LEAGUE OF THE MILITANT GODLESS reached five
      million by 1935. Children between eight and fourteen were enrolled in
      GROUPS OF GODLESS YOUTH before graduating to Komsomol, the League of
      Communist Youth. Prizes were offered for the best “godless hymns” and
      to children who denounced their parents for voicing anti-Party
      sentiments… Only one in forty churches survived; the others were
      smashed to rubble or turned into warehouses, offices, and museums.
      The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow was destroyed with
      dynamite, although care was taken to do so in the dead of night. A
      Palace of Soviets topped by a huge statue of Lenin was to be built in
      its place, but the site had weak foundations and it was used for a
      giant open-air swimming pool instead. No churches or meeting places
      were permitted in the new industrial cities…
      In statistical terms the Godless looked to have won. There were
      163 Orthodox bishops in 1914, and by 1939 only four survived in
      freedom; of the old body of clergy 51,105 clergy, the number still in
      their parishes was in the hundreds… “Religion is like a nail,”
      Yaroslavsky wearily admitted. “The harder you strike it, the deeper
      it goes.”

      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = == =

      LEST WE FORGET: Atheists mass murdered over 100 million people
      in the last 83 years of the 20th century alone? You can find a
      most illuminating and interesting summary of historical mass murder
      The combined killings done by by Jews, Christians, and Moslems
      throughout history don’t compare with the slaughter perpetrated
      by atheists in a single century.

      • Andrew Says:

        The entertainment value here is remarkable!

        Okay, let’s run through your last reply to me point by point:

        1. I never expressed hatred for god (if I deny something how can I express hatred for it?). And if I hated god then I’d be either a satanist (which I am not, because satan does not exist either), or if I hated your god then I’d be a follower of another religion, which I am not, because I am an atheist.
        2. Show me where I have “spread my venom”.
        3. I am here because a friend sent me a link suggesting a read some of your blog; he suggested I might find it interesting.
        4. Not odd to me at all; I am always interested in reading other people’s thoughts/arguments/opinions, that’s because I approach the world with an open mind, and I use reason and argument to make my way through life.
        5. Again, I have not attacked god at all. I have not attacked your belief system either. In fact, I actually pointed out that your belief system promotes love and understanding – I am not sure how that can be considered an “attack” or “venom”.

        You lower life forms really are dense aren’t you.
        You just don’t seem to get it.
        You’re not an atheist, you’re an anti-theist which means you most certainly do believe, but you’re just afraid.
        A “scared-believer” is a more aptly labeled term to hang around your neck.
        I don’t like Volkswagons, but you don’t see me over on the VW sites commenting how much I hate them. Now I know Volkswagons exist, but I have no desire to buy one. You don’t see me ranting about others buying a VW do you.
        You anti-thists as well as atheists really are blind in the truest sense of the terms.
        One more thing, your venom is showing again.

    • Tonya Says:

      Once again, you refuse to actually address my points with anything other than hatred and ignorance. I pity you sir, for yours must be a very sad and lonely life.

  21. Needlenose Says:

    hmmm. I am an atheist in the U.S. military. If I were confronted with such anger and name calling toward me and my beliefs in person, I would stop you, physically if necessary. It is my job to be capable in the aspect of physical combat. I have done it in person in the past (I am stationed in the bible belt, though currently deployed). You might be able to call me a militant atheist, being very fond of the power of the sword and proudly anti-religious. However, I only use violence when first attacked. Being the militant atheist you no doubt are going to label me as, I am fighting those radical muslims. The radical muslims are much more of a threat than a shrill, name calling weenie on the internet, and they have attacked something innocent and undeserving that is very dear to me. I also hate Hitler and Stalin and all those other people that you suspect of killing in the name of atheism. I would gladly use any force necessary to stop them, simply because they are bad people. I am a guardian of peace that happens to dislike religion. My contempt for religion will never harm anyone innocent because it goes against my deeper beleif of justice. I am going to sum it up for you so you have a specific point to attack, so you cannot reply with a simple ‘face the facts’ comment, lazy-bones.
    You cannot boil someone down to their alleged religious beliefs but yet keep their attributes as a good or bad person.
    I use the word alleged because you can find conflicting quotes and information on religion from world leaders. Most exclusively I am referring to a silly webpage about the atheist virginia tech massacre. People have agendas that are deeper than religion. Please do not cut and paste something to argue for you.

    I am a former Marine, and a proud theist. My first assignment out of B camp was cleaning up the Marine barracks in Lebanon after the bombings. I was 17 years old at that time. I was also a forward observer until I secured rank. I served four years and left as MSgt E8. Unike yourself I have seen combat and plenty of it. If I were confronted by the bile that you reprobates spew 24×7 (And I have been) I would personally stop you as well, so we have something in common now. A bigger danger to America is the atheism that you lay allegiance to, and Islam pales in comparison to the damage that atheism has done to the innocent, and the uninitaited throughout the history of the world.
    Atheism has killed the equivelant of one world trade center per day for a single decade. I shudder to think that the military would let you enlist. This country was won and fought for by the God fearing and not the God hating such as yourself. Take a hardship and leave your slot for a real man who actually loves his country and knows the reasons why.

  22. Needlenose Says:

    Oh, and Happy 4th.

    Semper Fi dummy

  23. Needlenose Says:

    Wow. Atheism has killed over ten billion innocent people. Amazing. I am going to ignore what you insult but yet do not know regarding my combat experience and the love I have for the flag. You shudder to think that I am in the military? I have buddies with all sorts of different organizations stamped on their dog tags, even wiccan. I would shudder to think that the guy watching my ass in the field is thinking ‘this fellow soldier is my true enemy’. I personally know marines that are not as one-sided. Lucky for me I have yet to see such ignorance in uniform. Hold on a second… I am having an epiphany: It is an extreme point of view, and any kind of extremism is not allowed in the military. It seems the military would choose me over you. Who is the real soldier now? You seem to be a scared old man. I think your hate for atheism comes from fear. Fear that atheism spreads in America with more acceptance and finesse than radical islam, hence it is a bigger enemy in your eyes.

    Young today old tommorrow and that includes you as well.
    My age is a badge of honor.
    You seem to be afraid of getting old, yet the choice is not yours.
    Besides this old man can whup your ass with a hand tied and one eye.
    The real enemy to a Christian founded country is you and your ideology.
    “Out of nowhere headed for nothing.”
    Atheism is evil, and offers nothing good to the world.
    It kills both spiritually and morally.
    Theres a good reason why it’s the most mistrusted minority in America.
    Now dissapear private before I launch you into a state of depression that leaves you under your hospital bed with a bedpan over your head.

  24. Needlenose Says:

    My mistake, million. Do not know how to use a calculator.

  25. Needlenose Says:

    You are absolutely right, I am so stupid. I will stop this atheist nonsense.

    The punk has finally learned his lesson.
    You’re a disgrace to the uniform, and a coward to boot.
    Buh Bye howler monkey.

  26. Needlenose Says:

    I was wondering why this website had so few posts… Your weakness solidifies my resolve. Thankyou.

    100,000 views per month, and the majority of posts are tagged with venomous cursing in them.
    Such is the nature of the God-Hating beast. I have deleted 3 times more than I allowed due to profanity and stupidity.
    My resolve solidifies your weakness.
    Oh yea…… buh bye

  27. lawl Says:

    This guy isn’t serious. I hope you other people posting realize that. He’s just trying to get a rise out of you. His site is fraught with contradictions.

  28. Spencer Says:

    I recall having a post here, but apparently i did not. Thanks big brother.

    As mod of this blog it is up to me what gets approved, and what doesn’t. When you go on an vitriolic rant it’s going to get deleted. You appear to be little more than human spam most of the time and my time is far too valuable to have patience for a troll. When you post trolless stuff you’ll get thur with no issues. You appear to be able to comprehend this simple fact. You appear to be a simpleton 90% of the time. 10% is still out with the jury.

  29. Scant Says:

    I seem to recall another soldier with this kind of extremism as the author of this blog has. His name was Timothy Mcvay, who by the way was raised Roman Catholic, and he did take sacrament before his execution.

  30. Peter Says:

    If you bothered to read Cho’s manifesto you would know he believed in a soul and likened his death to that of Jesus. Hardly the rhetoric of an atheist.

    The guy should have been on anti psychotic medicines, instead the mother sought spiritual healing: “ Cho’s mother sought help from the church for Cho’s problems. Dong Cheol Lee, minister of One Mind Presbyterian said that Cho’s problem needed to be solved by spiritual power “

    Once again Faith has played it’s part in another tragedy. Evidence-based reasoning and critical thinking by the mother could have prevented this atrocity.

    I often cite this story when talking to faith-heads as an example of how dangerous it is to have a belief in a God. It’s ironic you should try and use it to besmirch atheism.

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