I have despised atheism since I was knee high to my mothers apron strings.Thank God for every battle won against this dark and void-filled religion.I am one of the atheists worst nightmare. I bring to you a heavy science, and theological  backround. Welcome to the excavation.

My second vehicle: I am currently a Captain on the McDonnell Douglas MD80 and hold type ratings in various aircraft.


One of my favorite guitarists from the 1980’s Mick Mars

Mick Mars

And one of my favorite video’s–speed is my high and I don’t mean drugs!



And my favorite song of all time,the one song in the world that is played every single minute of every single day somewhere in the world.





28 Comments on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Jason April Says:

    “I have despised atheism since I was knee high to my mothers apron strings. Thank God for every battle won against this dark and void-filled religion. I am one of the atheists worst nightmare.”
    OK, I see now. You just enjoy being hateful and arrogant. Thank you for being an ignorant asshole and further convincing me that religion is absurd.

    SO what happened molested as a child?
    A bit of advice: Come up with a better way to disguise your evasions. You are being way too obvious in your replies.
    I replied to ALL of the stuff that’s out there. As of now, you’re back in the rear seat with today’s Infidel.org’s upload. Nothing unresponded to out there.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Michael Lawrence is a frightened little p****. He can dish it out but not take it. He spams every atheist website and chat forum and then runs and hides like the coward he is. But as soon as anyone does it to him he deletes their posts because he’s afraid of a challenge. He also can’t take the insults he dishes out so easily to everyone else. But congratulate him in losing his job. That will happen quite soon when his employer sees his inane, ignorant, and idiotic blog. I’m creating my own blog dedicated to taking the moron down. I’ll post the link to it once it’s been created. Bye for now. Oh, and there is no god, you delusional Christian morons.

    Of course they don’t hate God….of course …snickers
    Miss JiggyFly has decided to bring in something for the rest of you to enjoy, I knew that it was only a matter of time before this thread became ground zero for her scat pictures, so she must be moderated to keep out the filth in my pristine forum.. I will leave for a while so that you can all enjoy more of the God-Haters stupidity and empty (like her head) threats in privacy, please turn the lights out if you are the last to leave.

  3. MIkey Says:

    I found your request on usenet group seeking help from christians against the athiest. Just think that you need to realize that silence is the best way to handle it. Keep publishing your message, and look at it as “planting seed”. Let God do the rest, in his own time, and stay out of any fights or conficts. Thus, you will always stay on top of the situation, and strong. If you let them drag you into confict, they will wear you down. Again, keep blasting and reloading, and let God point his weapon.

  4. Alicia Says:

    Grow up, child. You’re not a pilot. No pilot would be so stupid as to his risk career with such a public display of inane immature behavior.

    Dear Clueless,
    I am here to talk about Atheism ,and Anti-theism and, not what I do for a living and consider this OT.
    My Immediate supervisor ais also my brother-in-law, and a minister in his spare time.
    He also flys B747 for a living and has a religious website.
    Our Union also specifically and vehemently protects my First Amendment rights.
    Now, any other mention of flying ,or someones carreer will be considered OT and will not be approved.

  5. Melchizedek Says:

    I am Melchizedek, and http://bibleweb.info/ is my website.
    Welcome to hostile territory Melchizedek, and may God richly bless you.

  6. T.K. Says:

    You’re a deeply disturbed man. Seek professional help.

    Thanks for the compliment howler monkey.
    Everytime I can get you God-Haters to attack I know I’m hitting my mark :0)

  7. The Feared JuanChinchilla Says:

    why do you believe in god? why is it so wrong for us not to?

    The fact is that it is ok for you not to believe in God and I could care less.
    The larger fact is that you hate God and are anti-theist and that is a right I must protect.
    You little leftist bastards crack me up.
    If it rains after a God Hater washes his car, they say it’s a Christian dirty trick.

    Anti-theists love nothing more than these constant self-righteous-athons — as if they would ever have the courage to stand up for any cause not universally supported by the other God Haters around them.Now dissapear before I launch you into a state of depression that leaves you hiding underneath your hospital bed tonight

  8. The Feared JuanChinchilla Says:

    you need to read your polls, your hate speech is making people vote against you, or athiests out number your christians by a healthy margen

    Last time the polls were taken atheists were the most distrusted minority in the world you uneducated moron.
    Read the blog…it’s all there with citations.
    That is assuming that you can read.

  9. you’re the worst kind of person on this planet.

    please please please give me just one piece of evidence that i can hold in my hand that proves the existence of jebus christ or ‘god’.

    whatever amusing riddle you throw at me i will disprove.

    Evidence supplied
    1.You’re reading, and responding to this.
    2.You spitefully mispell the name Jesus the savior.
    3.This is your second post on a forum you don’t believe in.

  10. p.s. i hope your plane crashes

    Atheist Jihadist at his best.
    Ever think about moving to China or Pakistan?

  11. nick lewis Says:

    1. You have no evidence
    2. You have the burden of proof to prove your invisible matterless deity exists
    3. I can’t prove something that doesn’t exist doesn’t exist, you must, good luck
    4. Explain how your unchanging God could change into a creator?
    5. I believe in this forum, it’s here like you and I, when God gets here with us, please introduce Mr. Invisible to me. Until that never happens, keep asking for more ketchup on you morning meal, they provide three a day?, don’t they?.

  12. 1.Dr. (God Hating) Mr. Lewis
    God has supplied us with ample evidence,you are struck by darkness and hatred for your creator.

    2.Yet another of the most wonderful things God has done is hide
    spiritual truth right in front of the eyes of the non-elect. so much
    so that they perceive the things of God as ridiculous. only the
    Master could be of such wisdom and power to accomplish these things.

    3.” Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind
    man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” Mt. 15:14

    there it is stated that the elect are not to take it upon themselves
    to correct them… ” let them alone. ”

    using the same ploy as their father the devil, these pervert the
    Word of God to their own ends, which is, to make the Lord God appear
    to be a liar, just as Satan’s recorded utterance from the Garden
    saying… ” indeed, has God said. ”

    it must be remembered that these are held fast in the snare of the
    devil, held captive by him at his will ( 2 Tim. 2:26 ) to which these
    have absolutely no interest to expound on as they do against God
    directly. as soon as Satan tells the truth so will these.

    why then do they find 101 and more contradictions in the Bible while
    the elect find none ? simply because they are liars like their father
    the devil ( Joh. 8:43,44 )… there is no truth in them. the
    Scriptures are closed off from them ( 1 Cor. 1:18; Lk. 8:10 ) God
    resists them ( Jas. 4:6 ) hates them ( Ps. 5:5 ) is angry with them
    everyday ( Ps. 7:11 )

    so, when these post by direction from their father the devil, not
    being capable in the Scriptures since they are devoid of the Holy
    Spirit, the elect ones can shout for joy since these are given by God
    as a sign of salvation to the elect, as well as a sign of damnation to
    them. Php. 1:28.


    ” believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved ”
    Acts 16:31

    ” and as many as had been appointed to eternal life, believed.”
    Acts 13:48

  13. IamMe Says:

    (you deleted this message without reply. are you unable to answer what you do not understand? you are my worst nightmare… ok then scare me…)

    First off let me say that I am atheist. Now there is no confusion when I say that this whole website makes me sick. I would say that to any pro-atheist site as well, if it promoted hate for someone’s beliefs in this way. Why would you take time out of your day to sling this kind of hateful BS at people that have done nothing wrong? Yes, I believe is something that you don’t, I empathize but I will never apologize. Some people say that Christianities’ personality changes over time, that the crusades and inquisitions are over but those who say that would instantly go back on their words if they read this horrible website. I have never read such ignorant and arrogant hate propaganda in my life. Whatever happened to intellectual debate? Atheist-fools.com that’s just sad.
    Well Mark Twain said, “Go to heaven for the climate, and hell for the company”. On the off chance that there is a hell I’ll proudly greet you when I see you. For those who go to heaven ask your god why there are so many murders, rapists, and thieves. My guess is all they had to do was say they were sorry and ask for forgiveness on their deathbed.
    Good luck finding a chair when the music stops.

  14. Once again, rather self-explanatory. So keep that stench pit of a mouth closed and tightly shut over those crooked teeth of yours. I do hate to see such putridness as you are wont to display the air of genteel luxury at my manor.
    Show all respect that is due to your peerage.

  15. Ishmael Says:

    Your technique in answering posts on this site is very interesting. You do not seem able, maybe a result of childhood trauma, to articulate much in the way of rebuttals concerning the attacks on your silly faith in an invisible, never been proven to exist, unchanging, able to change, universe creator. You seem fixated with looks, personal hygiene, and other characterists of your attackers, than being able to write a defense of your absurd faith. What crooked teeth have to do with proving your invisible friend exists I have no clue, maybe the outhouse in your skull can’t flush like the indoor model, but hey your creator is in your image and I am sure you make him proud. Hopefully when you get done pushing the beverage cart down the aisle of your plane, and the passengers are all cozy, log on, on your break that is, and write back please.

    • A bit of advice: Come up with a better way to disguise your evasions. You are being way too obvious in your replies.
      I replied to ALL of the stuff that’s out there. As of now, you’re back in the rear seat with today’s Infidel.org’s upload. Nothing unresponded to out there

  16. Dave Says:

    Your website is wonderful. You should publicise it more and try top get endorsements from prominent Christians who, I am sure, agree with you. I would love to see endorsements here from His Holiness Pope Benedict, and from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Not to mention the Reverend Dr. Ian Paisley, Fred Phelps etc.

    You are the true voice of Christianity and deserve to be heard by one and all. Keep up the Lord’s good work.

  17. Jay Says:

    My wife just and an abortion. God lost. Just wanted to let you know.

    God won!
    I have a revelation!
    You’re an impotent schmuck who thinks that lying proves your point, and gets across your opinion that no one cares about in the first place. Thanks for playing, and your consolation prize is an all expense paid trip to the isle of stupidity. Yes, we all know that this is where you were born and raised, but one should never look a gift-horse in the mouth I say. :}

  18. Morgan Says:

    You’re just a sad individual full of hate.

  19. Tonya Says:

    you are quite possibly the worst example of Christ’s supposed love. How can you call yourself a Christian when you despise and attack a group of people? Isn’t the heart of your religion supposed to be love and tolerance for all people and things? Or did I misunderstand all those Sunday school classes I went to?

    Christ himelf called the atheist a fool.
    Do you consider Christ a fool?
    The basic premise here is that you are a lower life form in the spiritual realm that never developed much like a mentally handicapped child.
    Though I cannot blame a handicapped person for their affliction, I can blame your underdevelopment on yourself, and your circumstances.
    You see…. you believe in God because you hate him. And to hate you must believe.
    That’s what drives your ilk to sites like this that you claim don’t exist.
    Who’s the sick one now.

    • Tonya Says:

      1. You didn’t address my point at all, you just spouted off a bunch of reactionary insults.
      2. I can’t logically have any feelings towards a being that hasn’t ever existed, so no I don’t think Christ was a fool, because he didn’t exist. No, I don’t hate god, because he doesn’t exist.
      3. There is no way that you possess the necessary insight into my life and experiences to determine whether or not I am “sick” or “underdeveloped”, just as I have nothing to go on about you, other than the hatred you’ve shown.

  20. Stewart Austin Says:

    For someone who seems to take great pride in describing various atheist serial killers, you yourself also seem to have the demeanor of a serial killer; after all, it takes a certain kind of person to identify the death of another human being as an example of “God winning”. Seriously, your website does give off a lot of signs that you’re a psychopath.

    Sigh, you reprobates just don’t get it.
    You God-Haters are all dishonest individuals.
    When you finally decide to shed your Satanic snake-skin and come clean then you’ll get a little respect from others, including myself. Until then liars are not to be believed.
    You hate your God by denying him, and then coming onto theist forums trolling the hell out of people. Respect is earned. I have no respect for cowardly liars.

  21. Morgan Says:

    “Who’s the sick one now.”

    You’re still the sick one.

    “You see…. you believe in God because you hate him. And to hate you must believe.”

    Atheists do not believe there is a God. Atheists do not hate “God.”

    Correct, but you are not an atheist, you’re an anti-theist in a whole different category.
    You believe but you deny.
    Practical atheists don’t give God a second thought, and they’re the ones I worry about.
    God-Haters such as yourself I merely find amusing at best.

  22. Steve Says:


    This site has to be a parody.

    The fact that the author seems to be a big Motley Crue fan but hates atheists makes laugh. Mr. “Atheist’s biggest nightmare” spends his time listening to a band that pretty much exemplifies the sex, drugs and rock-and-roll lifestyle is going to tell me how much he loves god? Funny.

    I’m just going to assume this is parody because anyone who would put this much effort into defending their faith must be going through a crisis of it.

  23. Spencer Says:

    So you grew up with these ideas? No wonder you have a hard time letting them go. I remember having to let go of things I grew up believing in, and they were some of the hardest times of my life. It came to the point where my mind would do anything to convince itself of what I believed. I suspect you’ve had them – the nagging thoughts at the back of your mind, when something just doesn’t add up. Your thoughts begin to race and you try to do anything to get away from it. I feel sorry for you; whenever this happened to me, it was hell. I can tell from the way you dodge questions that you don’t always have straight answers; you may not even be conscious of yourself doing this. I know from experience that we humans are masters of self deception.

    Can’t say I’ve ever had any nagging doubts to tell you the truth. But you obviously have them as we speak. Projecting your shortcomings on me (and others) demonstrates you to to be nothing more than a scared believer. You’re not an atheist spencer. Never were. But you already know this. I removed all deception from my life eons ago. Satan has you teid up in a knot of deception and you know something? You enjoy the darkness. It’s as comforting as you as a bottle is to a baby. That’s why you come onto forums like this. To try to take others faith away as satan has taken yours. It won’t work in here Spencer and you’re only going to get eaten alive and made to look dumber than you already are.

  24. Spencer Says:

    Yes, I sometimes suspect there is a god, I’m open to the possibility. Thats the difference between us, you deny any other ideas because you cannot ever see yourself changing your mind. Having grown up Christian, I doubt you’ve ever been taught to question it and sure you never have.
    I’d like you to answer this for me:
    When exactly did you become a Christian and why?

    Fair enough, in 2 words it’s “the evidence” and the paranormal that were witnessed by a group of 10 people that lived down the block. Upon observing paranormal occurences in this houshold, I realized then and there that science had a dead end and could only go so far in explaining things. Ten ( 3 professional) people witnessing the same phenomenon leaves out any chance of subjectivity and begs total objectivity. I have seen evidence for God in the Bible. Though the Bible is not a science book it is scientifically accurate both historically and scientifically. It has prophesies foretold centuries after they were forecast. I can look a a leaf in the sunlight and see an intelligence so complex that the thought of us coming from rocks, mud, and talking monkeys is nothing short of impossible. I see an orderly universe where chance cannot and does not exist.
    See: https://atheiststooges.wordpress.com/?s=mythology+of+chance

    Out of all of the religions in the world the Bible is the only book bold enough to make predictions and statements that have always come true (except for revelation of which we are waiting on) and I also see the Cosmological Argument and
    the Teleological Argument for existence as being grounded in science.Actually, they are not just myths and stories. The gospels, for example, were written by those who either knew Jesus personally, or were under the direction of those who did. The gospels are full of factual accounts of cities, customs, terms, locations, etc., that can all be verified historically and archaeologically.

    There are many books that have verified the authenticity of the gospel accounts. The New Testament alone has something like 24,000 supporting biblical manuscripts and they are around 99.5% textually pure. That means that they have been reliably transmitted to us through the centuries. We can trust them.Many eyewitnesses wrote and spoke about what they saw Jesus do. After the gospel accounts were written, there were plenty of people around who had seen Jesus, who could have spoken up or written something down contradicting what the apostles wrote. But we have no account of this happening.Furthermore, the eyewitnesses wrote about what they saw, and they saw miracles, as did hundreds of others. Jesus healed people, walked on water, calmed a storm by a command, and rose from the dead; therefore, whatever He says must be true since He backed up His words with His deeds.

    Now if you have the intelligence enough to examine these facts and say that makes sense, but that doesn’t mean there is a God I would say true enough that it doesn’t require that a God exist, but since Jesus spoke about God, about the need to be right with God, etc., and since He performed many miracles, including rising from the dead, then it is safe to say that not only is there a God, but that we should listen to Jesus. This would also mean that the Bible is the inspired word of God.

  25. Spencer Says:

    Because, I’m curious as to what these events were in your house and at what age you witnessed them.

    Absolutely, and what drives your curiosity?

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