Why atheism is stupid

Browsing the web today power Googling “Atheist stupidity” and came across this website.

Here is a short essay by the webmaster.


Why atheism is stupid

Monday, January 01st, 2007

Just a quick post to explain why atheism is actually stupid, and requires as much faith, if not much more, to be an atheist.

All atheists posit what’s called a universal negative. A universal negative requires absolute knowledge (omniscience) whereas a universal positive may not require that.

For instance, let’s say I am in a building with 4 rooms, and I have only been in 1 room. In order to say that every room is empty, I would have to have knowledge of all 4 rooms. I would need to know the entirety of what I am claiming to know.

However, to state the opposite, that the building is not empty, I would at the very least only need to know about one room.

So, in essence, any time an atheist claims that there is absolutely no God, they are claiming absolute and full knowledge of the universe (omniscience). If they are not claiming absolute knowledge, than they are going off of faith, but in fact, since they could never EVER know for sure that universal negative, then they are requiring much more faith than a person who claims there is a God (because finding out if there is a God may not require absolute knowledge).

But hey, I don’t need to say it, it was written quite a long time ago "the fool says in his heart ‘There is no God’" (Psalm 14:1)


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16 Comments on “Why atheism is stupid”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Congratulations. You just proved the existence of everything EVER.
    Understand that just because something cannot be disproved, doesn’t mean its there. Also, when you observe something, you cannot be 100% sure that it’s real, there is always alternative explanations and the possibility of delusion. I agree, assuming that the other 3 rooms are empty is flawed inductive reasoning, asserting that they are full is equally flawed though. Since so far, i have only observed empty rooms, I will assume the others are empty until I observe otherwise.
    Your argument is the classic example of Russell’s teapot, the argument that, by your logic, there is a teapot orbiting the sun between Earth and Mars that cannot be observed, and cannot be disproved therefore it exists. The burden of proof does not lie on the skeptic.

    • Maddog Says:

      The burden of proof is on the one making an unproven assertion. A person may say he does not know if God exists since he does not presently have proof for God’s existence. But to say that God does not exist requires more. it is not a matter of not knowing. To say God does not exist IS knowing.

      The best that a lack of evidence can bring about is lack of knowledge. But strong (or dogmatic) atheism does more than that. It makes a positive statement. And therefore it assumes the burden of proof.

    • Ah… but the burden of proof does lie on the skeptic as well, so stop taking the cowards way out.

    • Redskin Says:

      As always, any reasoning with an atheist is a complete waste of time since they “know” everything.

  2. Faithless Says:

    “A universal negative requires absolute knowledge (omniscience)….”

    Not necessarily!!
    `a square triangle does not exist.’ is a `universally negative’ statement and can be proven simply by comparing the definitions of a `square’ and a `triangle’. One doesnot need to check each and every square in the universe to make the assertion!
    guess who is the stupid?! : )

  3. Hugo Says:

    Your are making the assertion of the god of the gap and I strongly believe that it is extremely arrogant to say that because science hasn’t found out everything we must believe in your god but religion itself has only done bad with the one exception of meditation and exc but it kills more than it helps like a wise person said “the best way to turn a man from a good man to bad is by giving him a religion”

    • Christian Religion – 5000 during the crusades.
      Atheist regimes – 200 million in the last century alone.
      I suggest you learn how to count.
      Being a God-Hater is one thing, but being a lying God-hater that is serving Satan puts you in a whole different category.

      • Cahoma Says:

        Just because the ones who commited these crimes were a atheist does not mean they did it “in the name of atheism!”. Hitler had hair too, are you saying he did it because of that?

        Furthermore, I don’t think anyone is saying that God most certainly doesn’t exist. We’re(or I am anyway) saying that there is no proof of God and therefore we should not believe in him just because he might(BIG might) be there anyway.

        Your argumenent is obviously Russell’s teapot all over again. You’re saying that since I can’t know and see everything I should believe in everything. Try to take your article and switch out “God” with “Invisible teapot floating through the universe”. Suddenly it’s completely ridiculous, right? Or do you think it’s more logical to believe in the teapot than to believe that it’s not there?

  4. JonathanL Says:

    To only assign a value of ‘true’ to paradigms which are supported by evidence is considered a universal negative? Hardly so. In fact not “believing everything I am told” is a positive thing. Where is the evidence (real evidence, beyond myths and legends and tall tales) of a God or even the many Gods such as the Old Testament references? I could say that the 10 foot tall red lady living on the dark side of the moon created everything and you will go to hell if you don’t believe me. Are you being Univerally negative if you don’t believe that? No! Don’t worry, I am open minded. You might want to know that my lack of belief in the multi-various theistic religions that thrive on this planet does not change the universe much, and neither would it if you did not. All Atheists and Theists on this planet will always obey the same laws of physics, live for all intents and purposes in the same fish bowl we call planet Earth. Now that this is a point of topic, It actually might be stupid (i.e. not smart) to believe in things for which there is no supporting evidence. The science of Logic demands that there be at least to proved true premises before a logical conclusion can be drawn. You can not draw a true conclusion that there is a god when the premises are mere assertions that emerged from ancient folklore, mythology, and superstition, fear, awe, false authorities etc….

  5. Jakes Says:

    also, last I checked the crusades for the most part were self defense—gee I guess we europeans should have just let the muslims take us over. yeah, no thanks.

  6. Tomfool Says:

    So, basically, with that logic I can prove anything I want, exist. The flying spaghetti monster, terminator serpents. Hey! Your faulty logic is fun!

  7. Mike Says:

    I was an atheist until I took the long search for the truth. I know there is a God. God blinds people over the obvious fact of his existence. Finally believing in the correct Religion can be a joyous event. It just isn’t always that way when the proof is given. People can easily become fearful, violent, or panic, become forgetful, confused, irrational. If they give up on hope or completely reject the law they end up living against all laws. God has high standards. He has to because in order for someone to be able to live forever. A certain level of decency must be attained. Or else the good people or they themselves will want to die. The fact that people strongly believe in Atheism is slightly strong proof that God does exist. If any atheist had any intelligence they should say they are agnostic.

  8. Edward Says:

    Ok let’s nip this in the bud immediately. Ok your absolutely right, no one can say for any certainty that no deities including your god doesn’t exist, but do you not see how rediculous your claim is?
    If I said to you, there are tiny invisible, inaudible pink unicorns on every living persons shoulder, directing you to your eventual fate, now I want you to disprove it?
    You can’t, and it would be wrong of me to make such an extraordinary claim with no evidence or proof and then claim it’s true because you can’t disprove it. Same goes for your god, it’s an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary proof, and without it no atheist is ever going to believe it, theists constantly get pedantic, not about how your claim is true, but merely listing potential reasons atheists could be wrong, which is a lazy and weak argument, when the long and short of it is no evidence to support it, lots and lots of evidence to refute it, it’s really that simple.
    Cheers anyway

  9. Dave Says:

    Obviously there is no way to prove god doesn’t or does exist because its not a scientific question but to say that there is a god with a 100 percent serenity is just as dumb as saying that there is no possible way that he doesn’t exist personally I don’t think there is a god but i don’t know because nobody knows that doesn’t mean that I’m stupid just because i don’t believe everything I’m told or what ever you believe in its human nature to question things you shouldn’t be so close minded and I think that it offensive and prejudices to say that all atheist are dumb because there is no way you know the answer to that question just as i don’t because no one does

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