Atheism is Worthless

atheistbible.pngAtheists lack a basic human trait, and that is the civilized and moral ability to fight for the lives of innocent unborn human embryos and fetuses who will be aborted. Not a single one is an advocate for saving their lives.
Their atheism is useless and murderous!
They do not have the ability to stand up for the protection of the lives of the most innocent and weak human beings!
Which one of has the ability to love the most noble and perfect Law in the universe made for mankind – the TEN COMMANDMENTS? Not one.
Their atheism is useless and immoral because you cannot even force yourselves to be an advocate of the only perfect Law there is.Which one of you has the ability to honor and glorify their Maker – the one and only true God?
Which one has a love for Him rather than an enmity?
Which one of you can admit His true existence? Not one!
Their atheism is therefore utterly worthless because it causes them to deny the existence of the Almighty God.
They therefore worship and serve Satan and do his will while even denying his existence as well.

Which one has the ability to stand up for true justice?
Which one can stand to see true justice administered?
Which of them know how to balance the scales and equations of justice and give criminals just and righteous punishment?
Not one of them!
They murder innocent human fetuses and embryos while they feed, parole and reward death worthy criminals.
Their atheism is worthless because they mete out injustice in the land. No one is sure that justice will be served.
They therefore slap and spit in the face of victims of crime, protect criminals and dare the victims to take the law into their own hands.
Which one is not a hypocrite?
Which of is not full of contradictions?
They call Hitler the greatest monster in history, who is said to have murdered a total of about 38 million people,
but you refuse to count the total number of human innocent embryos and fetuses they are murdering and in favor of murdering. Hitler has ceased killing,but their number far exceeds Hitler’s and continues to increase.
Furthermore, not one of the unborn babies they murder and in favor of murdering are criminals – all are innocent. And they are trying to spread this type murder to the rest of the world. What hypocrites! Their atheism is worthless. They deserve the same death as they are giving innocent unborn babies!

Which one of them are not full of deception? They call good evil and evil good. They see justice and righteousness as “hate” and injustice and unrighteousness as “love”. They deceive themselves, their children, their colleagues, children in school, colleges, universities and the public.They write deceptive books, give deceptive so-called “expert” speculations and make deceptive laws. Their atheism is worthless. It can’t admit to the truth.

Which of them can distinguish the proper roles of males and females? Not one of them! They think a man has the right to be effeminate or gay and a woman masculine and gay. They think the woman is equal to the man. They believe in same sex marriage and believe homosexuals should adopt children. Their atheism is worthless! It makes them worthy of both death and eternal hell!

Which of them has the ability to understand the proper role of government? They say that ignorant, unwise, blind and totally depraved man should rule himself and should not be governed by the all knowing, wise and righteous God. They say there should be separation of church and state. They do not have the ability to appreciate righteous and proper government, because under such government they know they will not have the freedom to enjoy their depravity. THEY know THEY would be condemned to death by such government. Out of every foolish criminal and anti american atheist, which of has the capability to realize that they are incapable of ruling themselves?

Which of them know how to properly raise and teach children what is right? Not one of them. The heathen atheists say children should not be disciplined. They raise children to be disrespectful to their parents – to disobey harm and murder them. They raise children to be violent, worthless and murderous. Their atheism is worthless. It does not have the ability to instill proper values in the youth.

Which foolish atheist are not capable of realizing that they will one day stand before the very God that they reject to give an account unto him. Yes, one day, as all the other atheists who have died have found out in hell.

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2 Comments on “Atheism is Worthless”

  1. Jason April Says:

    Your own precious Bible advocates killing one’s children:
    “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.” -Psalm 137

    “How barbaric!” the skeptic gasps. This is partly answered by noting the frankness and openness of the ancient mind. Actually we do think such things often today (lest the bigoted skeptic snort, “Well, we’re more advanced than those barbarians!”), if only fleetingly, and seldom repeat them in polite company. At any rate, such are simply typical expressions of Oriental imprecation. Rihbany (The Syrian Christ, 92ff) gives more modern examples: “May God burn the bones of your fathers”; “May your children be orphaned and your wife widowed”, and so on. Such wishes were expressed in clan fights and quarrels in Rihbany’s native Syria; and yet: “…the Syrians are not so cruel and heartless as such imprecations, especially when cast in cold type, would lead one to believe.” Such petitions actually serve a purpose as a “safety-valve” through which the Oriental vents his wrath. “As a rule the Orientals quarrel much, but fight little. By the time the two antagonists have cursed and reviled each other so profusely they cool off, and thus graver consequences are averted.” The Anglo-Saxon social order being more complex cannot resolve things so simply; yet the Oriental shudders at the Anglo- Saxon ready resort to fisticuffs. Who’s the barbarian after all? All of us! (For comparison, sci-fi fans may consider Alan Dean Foster’s book, Quozl, which depicted a peaceful society of beings who vented their hostilities through art with blood-curdling scenes of war.)

  2. Jason April Says:

    Here’s some moral clarity from an atheist:
    Supporting women’s right to abort is not the same as advocating abortion. Personally, I’d prefer that no one ever found it necessary to get an abortion.

    I agree that murder is wrong.

    By what standard do you base your morality on?
    How does your moral clock operate?
    What is the benchmark?
    Three questions that cannot be dealt with logically by the (real) atheists.

    But the argument over abortion is not about whether saving human lives is the right thing to do. Rather, the argument is about at what point between conception and birth does an embryo attain full human status or personhood, and insofar as that determination is left open to debate, who has the right to decide whether a pregnancy should be terminated. For example, is a blastocyst a human being? It is only a collection of about 150 cells. It cannot think or feel. By contrast, the brain of a fly contains over 100,000 cells, yet most people wouldn’t think twice about killing a fly. (And I find it tragically ironic that those who claim to be pro-life are typically pro-war. Are human lives only innocent and worth protecting until they grow into adults? Isn’t a pro-war stance support for post-birth abortion?)
    I don’t think abortion is the important issue. I think individuals on both sides of the debate can agree that unwanted pregnancy is the undesirable cause of abortion. Perhaps if we combined our efforts to prevent unwanted pregnancy instead of engaging in fruitless debate, we could accomplish far more.
    The question over the morality of abortion has nothing whatsoever to do with the question of God’s existence. They are logically independent matters. And you’re neglecting the fact that there are atheists who are pro-life as well as Christians who are pro-choice.

    You are very twisted in your views and you truly have ones pity.
    Your arguments are unsupportable by science as well as logic.
    To see evidence of this prenatal learning one has only to watch a newborn baby which will stop crying and feel secure if it hears the sound of its mother’s heart beating; the heartbeat being the first and single most important sound. A baby will react more strongly to its mother’s voice than to any other’s simply because it has been hearing this voice for nine months prior to its birth.
    The famous Russian violinist, the late Leonid Kogan, offered some fascinating evidence of prenatal learning which he discovered after his son was born . Mr. Kogan told me that he practiced for one of his concerts while his pregnant wife was in the room with him. When his son was four years old and first began to learn the violin, he was able to play the melody Kogan had been practicing so many years ago without ever being taught the melody. He had listened to and learned the melody while in his mother’s womb.
    Another startling story is that of Susan Susedik, the oldest of the four Susedik sisters. She is said to have clearly spoken some of the words her mother used to repeat over and over to her while she was in the womb just two weeks after her birth.
    Such testimonies tell us clearly that a fetus is a human being capable of experiencing emotion and retaining memories. The possibilities and the responsibilities this simple fact presents are mind-boggling and may very well cause major changes in our attitudes towards pregnancy, childbirth and education.

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