Atheism and Scientology are religions


Musings On Militant Athiesm via Henosis Decanus
October 25th, 2006 at 01:34
Brother Jeremy over at Palm Tree Garden posted a link to this article, which is interesting reading. My own musings on this style of “Militant Atheism” are below:Atheism and Scientism are, in my opinion, just as much religious movements as Christianity or Gnosticism, except they hide behind the veil of not having traditional religious imagery. Religion is anathema to many now, which means these religions, which don’t call themselves religions, can grow and proselytize without the stigma that known religions would have for similiar practices. Indeed, on many Christian forums I have visited, the majority of posters are atheists who are indeed militant and aggressively trying to enforce their beliefs onto people…

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6 Comments on “Atheism and Scientology are religions”

  1. Shane McDonnell Says:

    Militant atheists are only trying to figure out why people believe everything in the bible even though they wouldn’t believe the same situations if they happened today. If I told you that a snake talked to me when I was walking down the street you would think I was crazy, but in the bible you believe it really happened. Sure we want you to lose your delusions. Everyone should be sane and stop believing imaginary things. You grew up and stopped believing in Santa claus, God is the next step. As far as being a religion, atheism by definition is not a religion. We don’t have doctrine, tenets, or rituals. Atheists believe a variety of different things, the only thing the necessarily all believe is that their is no god. There are pro-life atheists, pro-choice atheists, pro-gay rights atheists, anti-gay rights atheists, etc. How can you believe anything and still be a religion? I could not disagree with you more as far as we are trying not to have the stigma of religion. This is plain ignorance. Atheism has more stigma than all religions. Atheists are looked down on by most of the world. We are the most misunderstood group in the world. Polls show that more people would vote for a gay man than an atheist in the presidential election. Sure nobody wants a stigma, but atheists aren’t trying to avoid one by claiming we are not religious, that would not be anymore of a stigma than we already have.

  2. Correction : Militant God Haters.
    “Militant atheist are only trying to figure out” is a non-sequitar.
    Stupidity forgiven 🙂

  3. Lithp Says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t really take a lot to get labelled a militant atheist. Do you ever point out logical fallacies in religions when they come up? You militant atheist!

    Scientology is obviously a religion. Most would say it’s a scam or a cult, but they’re all on the same level, as far as I’m concerned.

    Atheism, however, is no more a religion than the belief that Superman isn’t real.
    The Supreme court begs to differ with your assumptions. Superman is real created by Hollywood for the movies. Atheism is a religion due to their negative assertions.
    Don’t believe me?
    Ask the supreme court.

  4. Lithp Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know where people get this “supreme court” thing, but it’s an appeal to authority–an authority that has no business deciding those things, I might add.

    People love to toss the Supreme Court in whenever they can get the chance, no matter what the topic. But here’s the thing: They interpret laws. They do not decide the nature of reality.

    They are also not infalliable.

    Remember Plessy vs. Furgeson?

    What about Brown vs. Board of Education?

    And now that I think about it, isn’t your type usually foaming at the mouth over separation of church & state–a decision of the Supreme Court?

    Mayhap you ought to think before you speak, Theistic Stooge?

  5. Augustine Says:

    Apparently being aggressive is required before one can not believe in god. Don’t be suckered in by the fact that I’m a pacifist, or that I dislike conflict with my friends. This is all just a clever mask that I created when I was three and have maintained for no apparent reason for over three decades.

    Maybe testosterone fuels the rational part of the brain, eh?

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