Anti-Theists and the Don Quixote Syndrome

dq.jpg Why do you spend so much time attacking something that you claim to not believe in?We are not stupid you know.Don Quixote attacked windmills because he thought that windmills were his enemy, yet those very same windmills posed no threat.You have what we call the * Don Quixote syndrome.*You are defending yourself against invisible enemies and that is because you think they exist.You hate God and Christianity and that’s what drives your incessant attacking of the two.My friend, you are the one with the IQ of 2 if you think we don’t have your agenda figured out lock, stock, and barrel.You’re about as transparent as glass.You’re not an atheistYou’re not even an agnostic.You’re a militant God hater that fears God and would rather spit in his face than acknowledge his sovereignty.Your father is Satan and he speaks through your black heart.If credibility is what you desire then admit to the obvious.You hate God and you hate Christians.You know,”those invisible enemies.”

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4 Comments on “Anti-Theists and the Don Quixote Syndrome”

  1. The most hillarious comment I’ve ever heard from an atheist is this:

    “Newton’s third law of motion says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, which means that if God tries to ‘intervene’ us, we can use that opening in order to really clock him!”


    It’s hillarious, not to mention the fact that they don’t believe it exists in the first place. A dragon slayer afraid of dragons that he doesn’t believe exists in the first place.

    But seriously, atheists are mostly just immature high school students. Some are smart, and by smart I mean have strong arguments against God, soul, heaven, divinity, purity, perfection, love, unity, origins, creators, etc. They live in their own hell, why torture them further?

    To the author of this website, I think you have a good head on your shoulders, but I’m going to suggest you prove your beliefs alongside of disproving atheist’s beliefs. It’s only fair.

    You need to dig deeper into the comments.
    I have proven my beliefs along the way, and come with a sound scientific, and theological backround.
    I am a commercial pilot with heavy mechanical and electrical/mathematical history with a nice set of degrees to go along with it.
    But as the old saying states,”you can’t argue with a sick mind.”
    Anti-theists have proven that they are not interested in any kind of cohesive dialog with theists.
    That’s Satans nature.
    He’s the greatest atheist that ever existed.
    That is why atheism cannot be traced to any earthly origin.
    It is otherworldy and demonic.
    Satan’s greatest achievment is convincing others that he does not exist.
    Ask any Exorcist this.
    I have spent time in Rome, and have spoken with several of them.
    They all agree that this is Satan’s greatest deceit that leads many down the path to destruction and death.
    Some recover…others go over the edge.
    When I see these anti-theist reprobates spreading their poison across an innocent society I get upset.
    They want a world only they can live in.
    They are worse than the fundamentalist Jihadists.
    They are jihadists in their own right.

  2. nick lewis Says:

    You missed the boat on Don Quixote, I am currently writing a book about this subject and Cervantes’ genius has you believing in windmills’. That masterpiece is so subtle in its criticism of faith and belief that to have written and talked like Galileo, would have been fatal. He created a step-son, a begotten son, a fictional son that once confronted with the fact that there is no theistic God of the Bible, hovering outside of time and space, inspiring a new covenant, he depressingly expires and retires to his death bed, an atheist.

    Additionally , you need to study scripture, your nice set of degrees didn’t help you on your gross error about Satan. Jesus is the atheist, he beleives in no other gods, and Satan is the theist he tried to tempt Jesus, who he knew was God, brush back up on your myths of dead men, before you write more fiction.

  3. Dear Mr. God Hating Lewis,
    So in other words you get to pick and choose what is truth and what is not.
    Though you have no education and are here simply because you hate God and would like to destroy theists is sadly telling.You are weak….very weak indeed and have no idea that your emotions do not substitute as science or fact.
    Rather, it only shows what you are left with and that you admit that you cannot dispute the facts presented.I am not as dumb as you are and you couldn’t refute the
    facts, which is why you didn’t and you’re dumb enough to think that if you type some more insults, that means that no one will notice.
    >Facts? Which “facts”?
    I’m sorry, I didn’t know you couldn’t see it.
    In Windows, if you’re running that OS, there is something called, “Accessibility
    Options” and they allow you to magnify the text. maybe that will help you?
    Of course, the fact that you responded to this post, shows that you’re lying about
    not seeing the facts.
    I just love a two fer! 🙂
    You fail to acknowledge the facts, because you’re unable to refute them and so, you pretend they don’t exist. Them, you wish to challenge me, as
    if you are an honest individual?
    Um, no. It is apparent that all you have is insults, when faced with what you cannot dispute, so why would I bother doing all of that typing, just to read a response from you, telling me that there are no facts in my post?
    And while you want to claim that Creationists have the burden, it isn’t up to us to disprove your religion of evolution. That’s been done by evolutionists
    already. You claim it’s fact, so prove it. It is not science to make a claim and then say, “Now disprove it”.

  4. Newt Says:

    “You hate God and you hate Christians.”

    Man, go fuck yourself. Seriously.

    I just had to post a response so typically Anti-Theistic and Diety-Hating in its content that it sums up in just a few words the high unintelligence of these individuals. Seriously.

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