Atheism is Detrimental To Society

jesus.jpgOf course they don’t hate God,of course! – picture on left reposted from an atheist website

Try hard, if you will, to perceive the worth of atheism and if you make a proper assessment of its worth to any portion of mankind, it will be revealed to you that atheism is a demonic ideology or religion that is utterly worthless, to say the least. It darkens the minds of its subjects and bring curses upon every facet of human life.

The two basic responsibilities every person of mankind have are to love God more than all else and to love mankind. Atheism accomplishes neither one of these responsibilities. It blasphemes against God and brings harm and death upon mankind.

Atheists are not fit to be parents; they are not fit to be employed in any portion of any society; they are not fit to be any kind of leaders in any society, nor are they fit to serve in any area of public trust. Atheism makes every person who embraces it unfit for any good work.

Atheists are not even fit to live. They have forfeited the right to life by virtue of being unfit for any good thing.

The decline or absence of morals in any society can be traced to atheism or the like. All the problems in every facet of society the world over can be traced to atheism, or denial of God and disobedience to him. The rapid increase in crime the world over can be traced to the same. Atheism has nothing good to offer any society.

Atheism is so heinous and does so much harm that there is desperate need for legislation against it. It is not an ideology, philosophy or demonic religion which should be allowed to exist and flourish in any society. Every atheist should be regarded as high criminals by all governments who have no right to live on the earth.

Signed by: Karl Marx, Rene Descartes, Nicolo Machiavelli, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Ludwig Feuerbach, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Thomas Huxley, John Stuard Mill, A.J. Ayer.

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9 Comments on “Atheism is Detrimental To Society”

  1. Caro Says:

    As a Christian, I am baffled by your site and particularly this “article”.
    “Atheists are not even fit to live.”. Not ONE human being is “fit to live”, as we are all sinners. Would you say YOU were “fit to live” if it wasn’t for Jesus? Atheists are fit to be ministered to and be the beneficiaries of our Christ-like compassion, just like every and any human being that God created with love. I hope you remember that… Our time and efforts should be spent spreading love, not hate.

    You can be outraged all you want because I have news for you…Atheists only want a world that they can live in, and Anti-theists would like nothing more than to have you and your religion exterminated with extreme predjudice.
    It’s weak Christians such as yourself (If you are indeed a Christian) that have let the atheist minority walk all over morality in this world.
    Christ was not a pacifist in this realm, and neither should any good Christian be.
    Christ spoke of unbelievers as maggots being unfit for any good work as well.
    At this point I have to believe that you’re an anti-theist pretending to be a Christian.
    I’ve seen it hundreds of times.
    You have that certain smell about you.

  2. Kira Says:

    Atheists only want a world that they can live in, and Anti-theists would like nothing more than to have you and your religion exterminated with extreme predjudice.

    That’s ironic, coming from someone who says that “Atheists are not fit to live”. Who’s the one who wants people “exterminated with extreme predjudice” now?

  3. Augustine Says:

    That hurts. I love my wife and children. I love my friends (agape.) I love my life. But I’m not fit to live? I try my best to help others. Should all that be ignored because of something like my religious beliefs?

    Also, FYI, Nietzsche was an atheist.

    If it’s any consolation, you did get A.J. Ayer right.

  4. Augustine Says:

    I suppose I appreciate your.. sympathy, whether or not I agree with the foundation.

    Anyways, our ‘equations’ describe the universe. They are not necessary to understand it. I don’t need to know about nuclear fission to feel the sun, nor about photosynthesis to admire a flower.

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